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What Went Wrong?  NFL Edition (606) 764-1508

A lot is going wrong in the NFL his year. Depending on what team you root for it’s either a blessing, same old or “we’ll get ‘em next year.” For these teams, there’s something wrong. Yet some of them still have playoff shots at the halfway point of the season. Dallas Cowboys (1-6) The pressure started on these guys when Cowboys Stadium... griefful

Hey, Even The nWo Loses 8555191269

Catch that opening game Miami Heat loss? Of course you did. Rooting against LeBron James is the most American thing to do now that the New York Yankees lost the American League Championship Series and the Dallas Cowboys suck. Since the NBA’s new Big Three united in July, the Heat have dominated all of the off-season talk. All because of these words:... [Read more of this review]

2010′s Top College Quarterbacks 4356128950

Watching just the first five weeks of this college football season, I legitimately believe this could be the best class of quarterbacks since 2004. And honestly, I think this class will be better than 2004. By my count, there are no less than five guys who could easily go in the first round. Before the season began, my top six quarterbacks list looked... [Read more of this review]

Sorting Out The Heisman Mess (812) 480-3755

By Mike Cervantes It’s been about a week since Reggie Bush gave up his Heisman Trophy. Is this mess finally over? Anything else people want to pressure him into doing? There’s no denying what Bush did was wrong. Even if what he did exactly is kind of fuzzy, we know he was involved with a sports agent while playing college football, a big no-no. A... (580) 222-9147

(720) 907-7973 College Football Fan Seeking Someone To Hate

This past weekend, I officially ran out of people to hate in college sports. All of my enemies – all the teams, coaches and players I have spent the whole of my life casting my unmitigated enmity and vitriol upon – I can no longer find cause to even dislike. Lane Kiffin left Tennessee for USC. On Saturday his team barely squeaked by Virginia in... [Read more of this review]

401-888-2794 Frustrated Fantasy Footballer

So, last night was my annual fantasy football draft. It is not my favorite night. A friend once asked me to explain the intricacies of the National Football League. I relayed that a douche bag that is infected with entirely too much self worth throws an irritatingly odd shaped ball across the field to an even bigger douche bag with the ego the size... [Read more of this review]

5404279344 Predictions For The College Football Season

National Championship Game: Boise State 34 – Alabama 31 I like to kick things off with a bang. I know this may sound crazy, but follow my logic. The Broncos aka Blue Magic return 21 starters on offense and defense from last season. They went undefeated last season. They’ve got a great quarterback, a very talented offensive line and a spectacular... [Read more of this review]

College Football Preseason Top 25: #1 Alabama College Football Preseason Top 25: #1 Alabama

Why They’re Here: They’re the champs. And you’ve got to beat the champs to be the champs. On offense, the Tide only got better. They return eight starters from a team that was exceptional last year and that includes Heisman Trophy winner RB Mark Ingram. Alabama will need to reload on defense, but come on, this is Nick Saban we’re talking about. The... [Read more of this review]

602-337-2808 2092382496

Why They’re Here: Like everyone else who writes about college football, I refuse to give up and accept that the Big (12) Ten has become an inferior conference. The Buckeyes are sort of like the Spurs this past year. You know that there’s no way they’re actually going to win a championship with the roster they had assembled, but you have to... 412-488-7573


Tight Ends • Dallas Clark, IND – He is as reliable as they come at the position. Sometimes Peyton Manning will just lock in on him for an entire possession and opponents still can’t stop the duo. He is well worth landing in the #1 spot for tight ends, but just don’t take him before the 5th round. I believe this is a year where you can select... tube-bearing

College Football Preseason Top 25: #3 Boise State College Football Preseason Top 25: #3 Boise State

Why They’re Here: Boise State is movin up in the world. This is the highest ranking the Broncos – or as I’ll be referring to them as henceforth, Blue Magic – have ever had and they’ve certainly earned it. They’ve managed three undefeated seasons in four years and have played in two BCS bowls and won both in that time. That’s an impressive... 705-415-5545

315-469-9852 SRG’s 2010 Fantasy Football Guide: Wide Receivers

Wide Receivers • Andre Johnson, HOU – This guy is a beast! AJ is the best wideout in the NFL right now and the clear-cut #1 fantasy option at the position. He is what Larry Fitzgerald was in last year’s fantasy draft. The Texans love to pass the ball and he has great chemistry with Matt Schaub. I’m thinking at least 12 TD’s in 2010. • Randy... [Read more of this review]

College Football Preseason Top 25: #4 Name Removed College Football Preseason Top 25: #4 Name Removed

Disclaimer: When I made this top 25, I had the [Name Removed] as my number four ranked team. That was before certain players had their Heisman trophy taken away, entire seasons were removed from the record books and they were banned from not only bowl games, but from even being considered for the coaches poll. The Good: I figured even without [unnamed... (573) 761-7905

mononymic SRG’s 2010 Fantasy Football Guide: Quarterbacks

Quarterbacks • Aaron Rodgers, GB – Hands down my #1 overall fantasy QB. Not just because he singlehandedly won me my fantasy league in ’09, but because he is the “real deal”. He threw 33 touchdowns a year prior, and I expect that number to be similar, if not a little higher. Green Bay offense is also loaded with offensive firepower. The... 9132764880

(213) 389-1525 (418) 551-7719

The Good: The Hokies still have Tyrod Taylor and Frank Beamer. Coach BMW has proven the last few years that you don’t need superstars or even particularly good players to compete year-in and year-out for a conference title. Tyrod Taylor also showed that he might actually be able to pass the ball with some consistency last year, which is dangerous... 8553343083

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