The Future of Podcasting

Podcasting, first called “audio blogging,” wasn’t initially created to be profitable. Virtually anyone can hold a podcast – all you need is your voice, a microphone, a PC and a distributor (SoundCloud, iTunes, etc.). Creating podcast content is relatively inexpensive Many notable podcasters began as listeners, and they learned the secrets of production and quality


Establishing yourself as an artist in the cut-throat industry that accompanies it is somewhat tricky. Here are a few tips if you want to stay ahead, make progress to senior positions or change to other market sections.     Do your research Whether you are interested in working with old paintings or contemporary pieces, you have to


Product placement in TV shows and movies has been around for quite some time. The first cited example goes back to 1955 and Rebel Without Cause, with James Dean using an ACE comb. In the modern environment when skipping through the commercials is pretty commonplace, and they are more and more ignored, product placement has

Top 4 Most Frequently Portrayed Characters in Movies & TV shows

There are many characters in films and TV shows that simply never die. Different directors and actors keep resurrecting them, creating a legacy that is constantly growing. Here is a list of top four characters who have been immortalized on the silver screen.        Santa Claus Saint Nick has appeared in more than 800 movies, believe