DialOne from PressOne is Multi-Tenant Voice Broadcasting and Autodialer application to provide information via the phone. DialOne from PressOne can scale to millions of calls per day using realtime call processing in a multi-server cloud architecture.

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PressOne is revolutionary. PressOne is cutting edge. PressOne means cost savings. PressOne means productivity increases. PressOne enables the delivery of advanced telecommunication services to every company - large and small, single-site and distributed.

How does all that happen?

Traditionally, voice and data have been delivered on 2 different networks. They couldn't back each other up if one failed. They couldn't share capacity if one was underutilized while the other was over utilized. Furthermore, a separate company serviced your internal phone system, and inevitably there would be finger pointing when things went wrong.

In the world of PressOne, there is one company to turn to, whether it's for your Internet Access, your voice service, local and long distance, your phone system, voicemail and more! One number to call, one bill to review, one team to turn to when you have an issue. At the same time, you have a redundant network, which dynamically allows for more voice or data depending on which needs more capacity!