Deploying Blockchain Technology to Customers Loyalty Rewards

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Nickelcoin is an evolutional cryptocurrency introduced for merchants, business owners and consumers that offer traditional solutions for customer Loyalty programs and Digital gift cards. Nickelcoin transforms traditional discount coupons, loyalty points and shopping vouchers into liquid, tradable digital tokens.

With Nickelcoin, there is an opportunity for another global approach using blockchain to maintain transaction records in a secure, trustless, digitized interlinked environment, which will eliminate numbers of inefficient issues.


Payment Gateway

Providing a smooth incorporation Payment Gateways

Universal Loyalty Rewards

Modern User Friendly Loyalty Platform and Apps which replaces the standard physical Loyalty Card.

Market Place

Retail tokens can be used to buy products, get discounts or claim rewards from merchants.


Product Map

Progress Map

  • 2017

    Business Development and market research

  • Jan - June 2018

    Site Development & ICO

  • July - Sept 2018

    Token Distribution/Listing on external exchangers

  • Oct - Nov 2018

    Launching of Wallet Application and Internal exchange

  • Dec 2018 - Feb 2019

    Launching of the web portal for the universal rewards offering and white label loyalty Apps

  • March - April 2019

    Intensive marketing/Development of Payment API and Plugins

  • 2019 Continues

    Expanding our loyalty services

Our Team

Our Advisor

Andrej Plankar

Andrej Plankar

Blockchain Specialist, Expert and Advisor. He is also a Blockchain Advisor for Insurepal. Andrej Sees blockchain as the new digital alphabet that will rock the business world. With a degree in economics he is a good connoisseur of today`s industry challenges. He used his skills and logical mind in his previous career as a professional poker player. Today, he is a prolific entrepreneur and a blockchain expert, advising international companies.

Andrej Plankar

Ping Fu

Ping Fu is the Executive Chairman of Gelsight Inc. and a board member of the Long Now Foundation and Burning Man Project; San Francisco.

Formal CEO And Co-Founder of Geomagic, Inc. She Led the company from inception to exit. Created a global brand with #1 position in 3D imaging software market. She is also an Entrepreneur, Innovator, Tech Investor and a Philanthropist.

Ahmad Abu Rumman

Peter Moloney

Former managing director at Strategic Angels.

CEO at Loyalty Builders, a company that their automated analytics process uses transaction history to predict future likelihood of every customer to purchase every product,

Also calculates precise loyalty scores, with proven accuracy.

Andrej Plankar

Philip Shelper

CEO Loyalty & Reward Co A loyalty management consultants, designer, Loyalty Theory and platform solution.

He started as a business analyst in 2001 and has worked for 8 companies before establishing Loyalty and Reward Co in 2014.

Andrej Plankar

Francesco Alessandrini

Start Up and Financial Advisor at Elpis Investment. Francesco has extensive experience in fund raising for start-ups, developing financial models and evaluating high-tech start-ups


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