Why OmiWafer

When enjoyed with a glass of skim milk, OmiWafer is a great meal replacement in the morning.*

OmiWafer stabilizes the release of insulin in the body and doesn’t cause problems in metabolism.*

Have up to two OmiWafers and two glasses of skim milk to start a day.

When consumed with Diabetain capsules, OmiWafer has been shown to significantly decrease blood sugar, promote weight loss and provide robust energy for a rigorous day.*

Success Stories

Here is what some of the many satisfied customers have to say about OmiWafer after experiencing this incredible nutritional supplement!

“My weight was 197.6 pounds and I felt tired all the time. After 30 days of following the instructions in Dr. A’s study, I noticed that I felt more energetic, and I lost 3.2 pounds! I’m amazed! This is the first time I’ve ever seen my weight go down so much in such a short time”.Trina H.
“I participated in Dr. A’s study for energy and weight loss using OmiWafer and Diabetain. My waist went from 44 to 43 inches, and my weight went from 201.3 to 198.2 pounds, a 3.1 pound weight loss in 30 days! I’ve definitely noticed the difference in my weight and energy. Some of my clothes are already too big for me. I like exercising because my kids are doing it with me. I have seen an increase in my self-esteem index on the survey questions, and my satisfaction level with my energy level, especially, went from 2 to 10 in a month. Overall, I feel great and am happy to have been part of the trial.”S. Twitty
“I like the taste and texture of OmiWafer. Dr. A’s office even gave me some extra wafers when I came back for evaluation because I liked them so much. I felt like my energy and appetite were better after using OmiWafer. The increased energy I felt made it possible for me to exercise. I ate OmiWafer with a glass of skim milk as a meal replacement and lost 3.6 pounds in 30 days!”Wayne P.

Clinical Studies

Want to learn more about how OmiWafer and Diabetain are helping people of all ages live healthier and happier?

Here are some clinical examples of how we’re making a difference in the lives of diabetics.

Effect on Weight Loss and Energy Levels

We have conducted a 30-day trial to study the weight loss effect of replacing a meal with OmiWafer. The subjects in the study were attending a diabetic clinic and also taking Diabetain. With a 67% compliance rate, these subjects averaged a more than 2% body weight reduction that coincided with increased energy levels.

Clinical Studies on Diabetain

In a 6-month study of 30 type 2 diabetes patients from 29 to 72 years of age, Diabetain was found to be completely safe. No adverse reactions or long term side effects were detected. The study did not include subjects who require insulin to control glucose levels or those who have had type 2 diabetes for longer than 10 years. The study also excluded subjects who take blood thinners or antidepressants.

Effect on Hemoglobin A1c and Blood Lipids

In a 90-day study of 52 diabetic patients on Metformin, ranging from 14 to 69 years of age, Diabetain was found to be effective in reducing HbA1c levels. The study protocol included consultations with a certified diabetes educator three times per week, exercise, and a follow up. While the majority of subjects using the placebo (52.2%) showed an increase in HbA1c levels, virtually all of the subjects who used Diabetain showed reduced HbA1c levels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is OmiWafer?

OmiWafer is an alternative to sugary snacks that doesn’t sacrifice taste. With functional ingredients and premium chocolate, it is a truly outstanding, portable, quick snack.

What do you mean by functional ingredients?

A functional ingredient has visible biological actions. For example, green tea extract is added to increase energy levels and provide anti-oxidative effects. Biotin, prebiotic (not to be confused with probiotic) fiber, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B12 are added to better digest sugar.

What’s the difference between a prebiotic and a probiotic?

Prebiotic fibers work in the digestive system to help grow beneficial bacteria. Prebiotic fibers have been found to lower blood sugar levels in several clinical studies. Probiotics are beneficial live bacteria that aid in digestion.

How many OmiWafers can I eat per day?

You can eat as many as you want. They are completely safe. However, you may have a bit too much energy if you eat more than three.

Can children eat OmiWafers?

Yes. Keep it no more than two per day for children ages 6 to 12. Not recommended for children under 6 years old.

I’m on the go all the time. Can I eat OmiWafer for breakfast or lunch?

Yes. When enjoyed with a glass of skim milk, OmiWafer makes a healthy, on-the-go meal. A clinical study by US medical doctors found that when combined with Diabetain, a diabetes-specific supplement that we make, 67% of the patients studied lost significant weight, and 67% reported increased energy within 30 days. Increased energy is essential to sustain an exercise regimen and maintain a more active lifestyle.

I like the vanilla-chocolate flavor combination. Do you have other flavors?

Yes. In 2016, we will be introducing strawberry and banana flavors, both with lower fat content.

I’m a diabetic. Could I receive more information about the condition?

If you are a diabetic or pre-diabetic patient, you may qualify for a free one-hour diabetes care consultation with one of our health-care professionals. For details, email 419-247-1243

Where is OmiWafer made?

OmiWafer is formulated by nutritionists and pharmacists in the U.S. and produced by a premier Dutch confectionery.

Where can I buy OmiWafers?

You can buy OmiWafers right here on this website or at designated retailers and vending machines. For details, email 9897349605

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