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Welcome to Training For Change!

Training for Change is a training and capacity building organization for activists and organizers. We believe strong training and group facilitation is vital to movement building for social justice and radical change.

Since 1992, we’ve supported groups taking direct action, building strong teams and organizations, and working at the grassroots. We train thousands of people each year in North America, and also internationally, across issues and sectors – from campaign strategy retreats for anti-gentrification community groups, facilitation training for union leaders, to de-escalation skills for immigrant rights groups resisting deportation.

Our Direct Education Approach

We’re dedicated to transformation – beyond training new skills and tools, we support folks to wage conflict, challenge self-limiting beliefs, practice emotional intelligence, and expand what’s possible for them and their groups. We believe this training is most effective when it builds on the wisdom of people’s lived experience. Our participant-centered practice follows emerging group dynamics in a workshop, adapts to local cultures and theories of change, and is oriented toward action – we call it Direct Education.

Looking for skills to create transformative spaces that make radical change?

Wondering what can help your group become a powerful social justice force?

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JCJ Fellowship for Trainers of Color

Now Open!

The Judith C. Jones (JCJ) Fellowship for Trainers of Color advances the leadership of trainers and organizers of color working at the grassroots to build power, skills and knowledge in their communities.

Who We Work With

We’ve worked with hundreds of groups around the world and across issue, sector, and theory of change. Our relationship to each one is unique. Here are a few examples of groups we’ve worked with recently:

Our Impact By The Numbers

We’ve been training for 25+ years. Our Impact continues to grow!

Trainings last year

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JCJ Fellows of Color

Training Tool Library

Access over 100+ tools and articles, searchable by category, language and workshop. Each tool has been tested in the training room to be sure it is cross-cultural and based on our direct education approach.

Select the icons above to see our tool sets:

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3rd Party Nonviolent Intervention icon
3rd Party Nonviolent Intervention
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De-escalation & Peacekeeping
Direct Action icon
Direct Action
Diversity & Anti-Oppression icon
Diversity & Anti-Oppression
Energizers & Games icon
Energizers & Games
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Meeting Facilitation
Online Training Tools icon
Online Training Tools
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Organizing & Strategy
Team Building icon
Team Building
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Training Fundamentals


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“I have learned a lot with Training for Change, as a human, as a facilitator, as a trainer, and as an organizer.”

– Gio Lopez, Mid-South Peace and Justice, Former Judith C. Jones Fellow

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