About Align Law Group

Based in Melbourne and with over 30 years' combined experienced in the legal industry, Align Law Group is specialist law firm with expertise in commercial, property, construction, employment, lending and technology law.

Align Law Group takes a holistic "end-to-end" approach towards providing legal advice. We understand your commercial objectives and business strategy so that we can help you achieve your outcomes on time and within budget. We focus on providing simple, seamless and affordable legal advice

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Why choose Align Law Group?

We are top tier trained and provide pragmatic legal advice that is aligned to your business and cost objectives.

The majority of Australian law firms with a national or international presence are burdened by significant infrastructure costs. These costs translate into high charge out rates and fees that are ultimately passed onto clients.

Here at Align Law Group, we focus on innovation and have invested heavily in our technology systems which are designed to help us become more efficient, dynamic and flexible. This means that we are not burdened by high infrastructure costs or restricted in the way we work. This enables us to deliver top tier legal services in a cost effective manner.

The Align Law difference
  • Align Law Group has over 30 years' combined experience working in some of Australia's largest top tier firms and institutions
  • Align Law Group is not afraid to think outside of the box. We offer clients fixed fee and other novel arrangements where appropriate in order to provide clients with cost certainty and control.
  • Align Law Group does not incur unnecessary overheads. The firm invests only in infrastructure which benefits its clients.
  • Align Law Group leverages cutting-edge automation technology to deliver efficient and cost effective legal services.
  • Align Law Group is a trusted adviser to its clients. We are responsive and available on a 24/7 basis.

Contact information

Level 3, 257 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

+61 3 8375 9649

You will be sent a response within 24 hours.