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My name is Melanie Ferguson.

I want to help you restore happiness to your life.

While I have developed expertise in several psychotherapy approaches, I specialize in EMDR, which I draw upon in my work with people of all ages and backgrounds. We can work together to solve problems, adjust to change, reduce stress, and cope with anxiety.

Taking time to relax and ponder one's life situation is such a gift to give oneself when the world is just going too fast, and we are feeling empty, lost, and are sleep-walking through.

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Humans want meaning in their lives more than ever. Even an occasional, low cost, one hour meeting, can give a perspective that will bring about a calmer, more positive outlook on whatever is happening, or has happened.

Adults, as well as, children can use the newer approaches for enjoyable, successful living.

Some things that we can work on together include:

Information on some of these topics is available through my Resources page.

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