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Scuba Diving Lessons and Scuba Classes - Bay Area Scuba - San Francisco 5m

390 Lang Rd, Burlingame, Ca 94010

Bay Area Scuba is a full service facility offering Scuba Classes, Scuba Lessons, Certifications, Scuba Rentals, Air Fills, Repairs and a full line of top quality Scuba Equipment 390 Lang Rd, Burlingame, CA 94010


New ownership management from Hawaii !

Open Water Certification for only $299.00 plus online course Steal of a deal ! Call us today to register. 650-315-3665

Kim from Hawaii is the new manager and lead instructor. Come meet Kim she is an awesome instructor teaches with a passion!

Open Water referral only 169.00 plus online course.

Gift Certificates for the holidays ! Expires 3-01-13 Our email address is

Open Water Course: Tuition, Rental Fee for everything except Mask, snorkel, Fins, Boots, Gloves, Four Open Water training dives in Monterey, only 399.00pp Mandatory to download our medical form before you begin your course, if you mark yes to anything you must have a physician sign you off before going in the pool. We do not force anyone to buy anything. if you like the rental gear then you can put the rental fee towards your purchase.

OPEN WATER REFERRAL COURSE: Now only 169.00 !!! Plus online course $100.00 total $269.00 Do your classroom, pool training here, finish up in warm water on vacation. We conduct all the academics, pool training, and issue you the Open Water Referall Transfer form to bring to the instructor on your vacation. They will conduct your four open water training dives for certification, you simply bring back the signed paper work to us when you return, and we issue you the hard card.

Discover scuba only 69.00pp

Gift Certificates Available


' Feb 22,23 Fri, Sat Weekend Class',

' March 1,2 Fri, Sat Weekend Class',

' March 8,9 Fri, Sat Weekend Class',

' March 15, 16 Fri, Sat Weekend Class',

' March 22,23 Fri, Sat Weekend Class',

' March 29,30 Fri, Sat Weekend Class',

' April 5,6 Fri, Sat Weekend Class',

' April 12, 13 Fri,Sat Weekend Class',

' April 19,20 Fri,Sat Weekend Class',

' April 26,27 Fri,Sat Weekend Class',

' May 3, 4 Fri, Sat Weekend Class',

' May 10, 11 Fri,Sat Weekend Class',

' May 17,18 Fri,Sat Weekend Class',

' May 24, 25 Fri,Sat Weekend Class',

' May 31, June 1st Fri, Sat Weekend Class',

' June 7,8 Fri, Sat Weekend Class',

' June 14,15 Fri,Sat Weekend Class',

' June 21, 22 Fri, Sat Weekend Class',

' June 28,29 Fri, Sat Weekend Class',

Scuba Lessons - Bay Area ScubaDiving is an exhilarating, pleasurable and highly rewarding activity that can only be enjoyed safely if you are trained to the appropriate level. Becoming a certified Open Water Diver will help make you a smart, confident, and safe diver.

The first level of certification consists of classroom academics and pool training. Once you've become comfortable practicing skills during the pool training, you'll partake in four ocean dives to officially become an Open Water Diver. Many people may be curious about the difference between the certifying agencies. The truth is that all of the agencies have remarkably similar sets of standards and curriculums, and they all teach the same basic water skills. And anyone who tells you that only one agency is excepted worldwide is a person you should be grabbing your wallet and running away from. In our 28 years , we have experienced a few of them first hand. The true difference is the individual instructor's integrity, which will ultimately make or brake the course. Our instructors pride themselves on their perfect safety records and meticulous attention to their students' needs. We even offer private instruction for those wanting the ultimate personal certification experience.

Scuba diving is not for the faint hearted. It is a performance based sport, not time based. You are required to swim 200 yards and tread water for 10 minutes before participating in the four open water ocean dives. There are certain medical contradictions that may preclude you from this sport, and you must be relatively in-shape. You will need to fill out a medical form to check to make sure you can participate. If you mark 'yes' to any question, you will need a physician to fill out a release form stating that you are clear to dive before participating in any pool training.
The second part is the Open Water Diver which includes 4 dives in open water. Scuba Certification - Bay Area Scuba

If you are unsure if scuba diving is for you or if you would like to experience diving without committing to the full course, then why not try our 9544948815 experience.

If you wish to continue your training then check out the various follow-on courses that we offer. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

You are one call away from a scuba diving world.

Start your scuba lessons and you will have your scuba certification in 2 weeks.

If you're a little rusty and would like to get some practice in before your next big trip, or you're re-discovering scuba after a prolonged absence from the sport, we also offer a 3148433934 that will get your skills back in shape.

Also, despite the excellent open water diving opportunities available here in California, some divers prefer saving their diving experiences for warm, tropical locales. If you're thinking about taking a trip and want to get most of the book work and pool sessions completed before you go, (954) 214-8214 can also conduct a (516) 867-4544 where you complete everything except your open water dives here so you can maximize your vacation enjoyment. You can take your Open Water Referral certificate abroad on holiday as long as you complete your open water dives within 12 months.

NASE & PADI Scuba Certification Available

So what's the difference between NASE Open Water certification and other scuba certifications?
Under NASE, the properly equipped student will be taught with more repetition during all of their in-water and certification dives. It allows more personal instruction. Not just a robot instructor, but a teacher in the true sense.


For more information about Bay Area Scuba, email us at:7709487723


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