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Austin Keller


I am looking for opportunity to develop analytical tools,
methods, and applications for new technologies.
Specializing in mass spectrometry.

About Me

  • Name: Austin Keller
  • Address: Denver, CO
  • Nationality: US Citizen
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Experienced chemist and mathematician with demonstrated ability to operate and develop next generation mass spec instruments, develop methods and applications, and support customers in academic and industrial environments. Strong contributor to both software and applications teams with proven ability to develop custom mass spectrometer and data processing software, particularly in response to unique customer requirements.

What I Do ?

I'm planning to return to graduate school for a PhD in chemistry. I will be researching the application of tailored statistics and machine learning techniques to interpret complex chemical data. Metabolomics, genomics, and proteomics, I'm looking at you. I'm highly motivated and am open to new opportunities.

  • Research and Development
  • Data Analysis
  • Algorithm Development
  • Application Development



  • 2009-2013

    Bachelor degree certificate

    BA(Hons) in Biochemistry and Mathematics, Colorado College, Colo. Springs, CO, USA

    Graduated Cum Laude, Awarded Distinction in Biochemistry
    I completed my thesis project in biochemistry on the use of radiogenic isotopes for the provenancing of individuals in a lost 19th century cemetery. I used mass spectrometry to measure skeletal isotope ratios. These ratios could then be matched to geographic regions based on historical isotopic landscapes. For my capstone in mathematics I investigated statistical metrics of cluster analysis. I tested the utility of these metrics for classifying regions by their unique isotope ratio distributions.


  • 2013-2016

    Methods Development Chemist

    1st Detect Corp. (subsidiary of Astrotech Corp.), Houston, TX

    I was brought on to develop methods and applications to help bring 1st Detect's newly designed mass spectrometer to market. Shortly after the project dwindled to only a few people. As the sole chemist I quickly picked up knowledge to become an expert in ion trap mass spectrometry while gaining skills in software and electrical engineering.

  • 2011-2012

    Research Assistant

    Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO

    Under mentorship of Prof. Nathan Bower I used high resolution mass spectrometry and X-ray spectroscopy in several research projects. I also learned a variety of statistical techniques and gained an appreciation for the critical importance of carefully applied statistics in research. I gained deeper understanding of statistics in my applied mathematics coursework and developed tools in both R and python to apply to my research.

  • 2009-2012

    IT Help Desk Technician

    Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO

    We were responsible for providing technical support across campus of dektop and mobile computers, networks, and applications. At the CC help desk I honed my technical troubleshooting ability and gained invaluable insights into what makes good customer service.


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7 yrs

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Microsoft Visual Studio

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