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The Truth About Gluten & How
It’s Probably
Affecting You!

Gluten is a hard to digest protein commonly found in wheat, rye and barley grains, and can be found in dozens of foods we commonly eat (such as breads, pizza, pasta, and cereal). Hundreds of foods products also use gluten as a thickener or binder (such as luncheon meats, ketchup, sauces, soups, even lipstick and vitamins, and much more).

In fact, it’s nearly impossible to avoid gluten in your diet, and today most people are on “gluten overload”, whether they know it or not. (4086775500 for a list of common foods and products containing gluten)

The Problem is simple - gluten is extremely difficult to adequately digest. Incomplete gluten digestion creates tiny renegade particles that can invade the gut and trigger the immune system, resulting in gluten reaction symptoms. What we’re talking about is normal, “everyday” reaction to gluten, which many experts believe we all may have to some degree. This not to be confused with any medical or abnormal health condition such as Celiac disease or other medical conditions of gluten intolerance. Gluten is also addictive, which explains carb cravings after consuming gluten rich foods. It is no coincidence that restaurants load you up on the bread when you arrive! Eating more gluten-rich carbs can further boost the addiction, putting you at risk of “gluten overload”.

The Symptoms of normal gluten reactions are many, and can differ from person to person, they can include typical digestive and gastrointestinal issues - such as occasional indigestion, bloating and gas; headaches and brain fog; general aches and pains; frequent fatigue and lethargy; joint discomfort; ordinary skin rashes; and even belly fat.

The Solution is often to “try” to go gluten-free. But, it’s very difficult to avoid all gluten in your diet, especially the many hidden and cross-contaminated sources of gluten. That’s why we developed GlütProof – to help your body better digest gluten. Dr. Marcella Dominguez, M.D., Family Health Specialist, says “regardless of your commitment to avoid gluten where you can, it’s also important to take a dual-enzyme gluten digestive aid, such as GlütProof - daily and before consuming gluten foods”.



How It Works!
The Science of GlütProof and Improved Gluten Digestion

Proteases are enzymes in your stomach that help break down and digest proteins, like the tough to digest protein in gluten. Some proteases are naturally occurring in the digestive system and help catabolize (breakdown) the proteins from meats and other protein-rich foods you consume. Gluten, however, is composed of a very dense protein structure, called “prolyl-enriched peptides”, that require two types of enzymes, or proteases, to more completely and quickly break it down, and help avoid normal gluten reaction issues, described above.

Unfortunately, the human digestive system does not have one of the two enzymes necessary to help rapidly break down the dense peptide structure in the gluten, so that it can be properly digested. This slow gluten digestion process is what results in gluten reaction and gut issues. For many, the result is undigested gluten molecules that can pass through the GI tract and accumulate in the intestines.

In order to efficiently break down the gluten you eat, and gluten that collects in your gut, top enzyme researchers now believe that people with normal gluten reaction symptoms should supplement their diet with gluten-specific digestive enzymes, called “glutalytics”, like those found in GlütProof. Many researchers and doctors now also believe that most adults may have some measure of gluten reaction issues as they age.

The function of GlütProof’s “glutalytic enzymes” is to break down the complex protein molecule of gluten into a simpler, more easily digestible one. Most digestive support enzymes can only break down peptide bonds in one way, but that’s not enough for gluten digestion. So the most effective enzyme for gluten digestion support is the glutalytic dual-enzyme. It’s unique function works by breaking down gluten’s peptide bonds both internally and externally. Together these two enzymes provide the most rapid and efficient breakdown of the gluten you eat. This highly effective and rapid “dual-enzyme” digestion of gluten is the secret behind GlütProof’s effectiveness!

Success Stories

No More Bloating or Gas†

"I have been gluten free for a while, but occasionally I break down and have a dinner roll or a slice of pizza with my grandkids. And then, I really pay the price – bloating, stomach cramps, even gas, which is often embarrassing. Since I started taking GlütProof, I can “cheat” yet my typical symptoms are gone. All gone. It really feels great!"

Darlene B, Sagle, Idaho

Energy is Back & No Bloating†

"Over the months prior to taking GlütProof, I was experiencing a lot of discomfort and stiffness in both thumbs. I’ve also been feeling quite lethargic. Just two days after starting GlütProof the soreness in my thumbs seemed almost gone. I felt more energetic and much less lethargic. And, the typical gas and bloating I used to get after eating is completely gone. I am sold! GlütProof is a great product that I want in my life forever!"

Carey S, Leicester, MA

Carb Cravings Gone!†

"I am impressed with the improvements I experienced taking the GlütProof supplement that I got from my doctor. I often have carb cravings in the late evening. Without thinking about it, I noticed after several days that those cravings have disappeared."

Ann S, Baltimore, MD

Pizza and Beer Are Back on the Menu†

"My husband Jeff and I have trouble eating together, he loves homemade pasta and I’m sensitive to gluten, or at least I get headaches and indigestion when I eat his pasta, or other gluten foods for that matter. Jeff also loves beer but complains that it bloats and make his stomach stick out. Well, that is until we were given GlütProof to try by a friend. It was amazing. Now when I occasionally can eat his pasta and other yummy foods, like pizza, I don’t feel that discomfort. And Jeff claims he can enjoy a beer again without the bloat."

Patsy & Jeff D, Mission Viejo, CA

My Patients Love It!†

"As a medical doctor I know the problem many people have with gluten. In my own case, I typically get a runny nose, feel bloated and even start sneezing. After taking GlütProof, before eating a slice of birthday cake, I happily noticed that my typical symptoms were dramatically reduced. I was so impressed I gave it to some patients and they too noticed benefits. I advise my patients and friends with normal gluten reactions to take it."

Dr. Marcela D, Mission Viejo, CA

*Some of the images above are lifestyle-representative images and not the actual person



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