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High caliber psychiatrists sought
for telemedicine coverage in
California, Texas, Oregon, Florida, California, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Arizona, Washington, North Carolina, Georgia, Colorado, Maine, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Utah, Washington

The need


The largest provider of telemedicine services in the US is seeking to increase its capacity with respect to nationwide coverage for psychiatric care.

Board certified psychiatrists - with or without prior experience in telemedicine - are encouraged to become part of the MDLIVE network of providers with there being a particularly high degree of need in California, and elsewhere in the country.


This is an opportunity which will allow a psychiatrist to augment their current employment, either on days off or during nights and weekends. MDLIVE has designed a proliferation strategy for increasing psychiatric coverage in the MDLIVE network in a manner most convenient for psychiatrists without asking them to uproot their professional lives in order to provide needed telemedicine services.

Further, becoming part of the MDLIVE nationwide network of psychiatrists will not obligate a psychiatrist to provide any minimum amount of care; it will simply allow a psychiatrist to be aware of such need for coverage as it emerges in states where a psychiatrist holds licensure.


It is largely accepted by the very best of the mental health services world that telepsychiatry will continue to emerge as a means of practice in order to address nationwide access to care issues. In this instance, MDLIVE is providing an opportunity for a provident psychiatrist to gain either initial or further experience without disrupting their current professional lives and to do so as part of an organization which exemplifies the very best of healthcare services.

Company bio


Founded in 2009, MDLIVE is a leading provider of integrated virtual health services, offering online and on-demand health care that benefits consumers, employers, payers, hospitals, physician practice groups and accountable care organizations.

MDLIVE has established a business-to-business-to-consumer model to bring to patients the confidence and assurance of trusted services across their health care needs, from health care provider to pharmacy. By combining the power of leading health care systems, health IT leaders and retail health partners with MDLIVE's HIPAA-compliant cloud-based Virtual Medical Office platform, consumers can access the care they desire, transitioning from virtual to in-person offerings as needed.

MDLIVE's virtual health system makes it possible for patients, health care professionals and plan administrators to collaborate seamlessly and securely. This approach also enables payers and providers to collect and share clinical data from patient medical records, lab results and in-home biometric devices for real-time risk assessments, wellness advice, diagnosis and treatment.

MDLIVE is beginning the next phase of operation which includes a heavy emphasis on bringing high quality psychiatrist who practice the very best in evidence-based care into the the MDLive network.


By joining the MDLIVE network you'll enjoy a range of benefits including:

  • Very competitive rates
  • Payment is direct from MDLIVE - no need to submit claims or collect payments from patients
  • Flexible hours - see patients online at your convenience.

Things to note

  • MDLIVE is not a crisis hotline or an instant-session platform
  • Technical requirements are user-friendly - you don't need any special equipment

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