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It is nearing the time of year again when we get to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and family, but then to shop some of the best deals all year. If you have been following the events of this year you will have seen how new concepts in health have taken the mainstream media by storm.

The biggest event for (818) 388-3428 with an interest in nutrition and health is that saturated fat is being seen as not so bad after all. We have decades of nutrition dogma and guidelines like the standard American diet food pyramid being critically discussed in research and new recommendations being made by public bodies.

Cholesterol is Not a Nutrient of Concern

cholesterol statement from health.gov

As you can see from the screenshot above that according to this 2015 health.gov publication cholesterol is no longer a nutrient that we need to be worried about. So all those years of low fat diets to reduce cholesterol might not have been the best advise for the general public.

High Fat Low Carb Diet

Many doctors are now adopting a new way to prescribe dietary intake for patients. People like:

  • Prof Tim Noakes
  • Dr Jeffery Gerber
  • Dr Malcolm Kendrick
  • Dr Aseem Malhotra
  • Dr Dominic D’Agostino
  • Dr Andreas Eenfeldt
  • Dr Ann Childers

If you want to learn more about the LCHF diet then these healthcare professionals would be a great place to start. Follow them on social media like Twitter to keep up to date on scientific articles, news and stories in the press.

Bulletproof Diet

Another person who is pushing the LCHF way of eating is a man called Dave Asprey. Dave is a self-proclaimed biohacker and a person who eats a low carbohydrate high fat diet. He says his way of eating is more of a cyclical ketogenic diet. We know that the traditional ketogenic diet requires 70% plus in fat with very little protein and carbs. Fasting for 12 hours or more in a day is another common practice to help increase blood ketone bodies to achieve a state of nutritional ketosis.

Did you know that eating keto foods for children with epilepsy helped to reduce the number of hospital visits required to help with seizures. You can (847) 568-3632. So having elevated levels of blood measured beta-hydroxybutyrate shows ketosis is being achieved. This has been shown to help sooth a brain that is prone to epileptic seizures. This is very different to diabetic ketoacidosis which is a dangerous condition.

A major part of the recipes in the Bulletproof diet book is using MCT oil. Medium chain triglycerides are a fantastic source of daily food to raise ketone levels. You get different chemical formats of MCTs like C8, C10, C12 and C14 for example. The best MCT oil to get into ketosis fast is C8 MCT oil. This is why the Dave is one of the biggest suppliers of C8 keto oil to consumers in the US. His bottle of oil is called Brain Octane. This is made from 100% pure coconut oil that has been highly refined down to separate out the C8 medium chain fatty acids.

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Rio De Janeiro was the host city for the XXXI olympic games. It was an amazing event to watch and hopefully to participate in for all the various sportsmen and women. These are the people at the top of their game and the best athletes for many types of sports.

All these athletes don’t just train and compete without a little bit of help though. They do suffer minor or major sporting injuries before and even during the games. Some countries have a dedicated medical team or each sport discipline team has their own. Did you know that amongst physical therapists, physiotherapists, sport medicine doctors and coaches they are chiropractors who help teams or specific sporting personalities.

For example Usain Bolt the 100m, 200m and 4x100m sprint champion from Jamaica has been using his personal chiropractor for years to help adjust him track side or in the change rooms at stadiums.

HartleyAnother example is Bridgitte Hartley women’s sprint canoeist who 507-223-0946 how she had a neck spasm and needed the help of her chiro and physio to get her through.

The Turkish long distance running team also had a chiropractor from South Africa who also travelled with the team to the games to make sure they were in tip top shape. It is great to hear how so many Africans are utilising Chiropractic care at the highest level of sport.

If you are a sports chiropractor who is looking at how to be able to attend as a medical professional at a major sporting event like the olympics then there are two ways:

  1. Get networking with coaches and athletes. Many chiropractors have been asked to attend the games by coaches or the performers themselves. As with most things in life it is who you know not always what you know.
  2. Join the professional sporting body for chiropractors, FICS. The Fédération Internationale de Chiropratique du Sport is the international organization that provides training and a database of chiropractors who specialize in treating sport injuries. They normally do a reach out to members to participate in the games as you can read here.

If you are a student studying to become a chiropractor then you can look forward to seeing the profession expand further and further into the professional limelight as more and more sporting celebrities require the assistance of a local chiro.

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