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Tools that help you design and develop products that focus on providing the user with a good experience.

Design System

Design and code guidance for crafting great client experiences.


As a product moves through levels of design system maturity – it is assigned a “maturity level” score based on numerous metrics.

Angular Translate helps speed tasks related to internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) of your product’s UI elements.


Products are built on the Design System’s technology stack, which uses best-of-breed, open-source technologies.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a human-centered framework for creative problem solving. It serves as the foundation for how we approach user experience (UX) design at Pitney Bowes.

Lean Experimentation

Experiments are done to make your product better through a cycle of build, measure and learn.


As a product moves through levels of design thinking maturity – it is assigned a “maturity level” score based on numerous metrics.

User research focuses on understanding user behaviors, needs, and motivations through observation techniques and other feedback methodologies.



Apps and services to help you ingest, store, process and visualize big data to provide products that make faster, more intelligent decisions.

Analytics Services

Business Insights

Commerce Cloud Insights – Alpha

Provides product performance statistics and usage information for Commerce Cloud products

PBS Insights – Alpha

Provides meter configuration information with errors and remote restart functionality

SMB Insights – Production

Provides mailing and shipping usage, savings, and recommendations for SMB customers

Support Portal – Beta

Provides meter configuration information with errors and remote restart functionality


Customer Analytics

Customer 360 view API – Beta

Provides API information about customer on the bases of BPN and information about cases, order, entitlement, subscriptions, segmentation and other customer-related information

Meter Mapping API, Meter Search API – Beta

Provides API provides search meter information and associated customer information

Data Scientist-on-Demand


Support for LOB embedded Analysts and Data Scientists through training, oversight, best practices, advisory services, and coaching

Project Based

Support for project-centered outcome-based expertise in applying Data Science practices to identify patterns and meaningful insights from curated data

Data Platform

Curated Summarized Data

Business Intelligence – Production

Support for design and hosting of Business Intelligence tools, PowerBI, and Tableau Dashboards

Enterprise – Alpha

Collection of data sets centered on Enterprise Systems (SAP, SFDC, etc.)

GEC – Beta

Collection of data sets centered on Global eCommerce (GEC)

GFS – Beta

Collection of data sets centered on Global Financial Service (GFS)

PBS – Alpha

Collection of data sets centered on Pitney Bowes Software (PBS)

Real-Time Dashboards – Beta

Support for design and hosting of dashboards using event data feeds through Grafana and Kabana

SMB – Beta

Collection of data sets centered on SMB products life cycle data (quotes, orders, subscriptions, installations, usage, and support)


Data Lake

Address Insights – Alpha

Provides API for ingesting addresses data and provides rich & accurate address insights via Commerce Cloud Data Lake

Customer Entitlement API – Beta

Provides API provides customer entitlement information for given email ID and Okta ID

Data Download Link API – Production

Provides API ability to download S3 file based on S3 signed URL

Data Import/Export – Production

Automated ETL Services supporting Import/Export capabilities for the Commerce Cloud Data Lake

Data Lake Storage (s3) – Production

Secures, organizes & manages storage for cross business unit data and provides interfaces to ingest and retrieve data

Data Warehouse – Alpha

Support access to curated data in Data Warehouse using Snowflake, Aurora, and Redshift

Private Storage – Production

Support for storing private and semi-private data sets in the Commerce Cloud Data Lake

Storage API, Upload API – Production

Provides API methods for uploading and downloading files using automated methods in the Commerce Cloud Data Lake



Event API, Event Search API – Beta

Provides API ingestion methods for pushing real-time data into the Commerce Cloud Data Lake

Internet of Things – Production

Collection, curation, and presentation of IoT event data and device configuration information

Streaming Data – Beta

Support for rapid ingestion of high-volume data and transformation from streaming sources

Data Science Platform


BI and Data Visualization – Production

Dashboard and reporting creation and hosting services using PowerBI, Tableau, Grafana, and Kibana


Registry of corporate data sets for BI and data science work

Data Science – Advisory Services – Beta

Support for project-centered outcome-based expertise in applying data science practice


Notebook environment for collaborating on data science investigations using Python, R, and industry standard libraries

Machine Learning and AI – Alpha

Data science tools and supporting architecture that focus on applying deep-learning methods to curated data

Real-Time Analytics – Beta

Data science tools and supporting architecture that focus on applying streaming analytics methods to real-time data

Spatial Analytics – Alpha

Data science tools and supporting architecture that focus on applying spatial analysis methods to curated data


Business Systems

Apps and services that help you create the client journey you desire, from trails account through user production support.

A. Pre-Integration
About Commerce Cloud Business Systems

Commerce Cloud Business Systems provide backend integration with our corporate enterprise systems of record and authentication and authorization systems to enable products to more easily integrate with and leverage subscription, identity and provisioning functionality.  To familiarize yourself with the depth and breadth of capabilities provided, watch these Think Thursday presentations.  (Note: Each presentation is approximately 1 hour.)

  1. 4348656511
  2. 8012051158
Customer Onboarding and Registration Services

Product Onboarding Engagement Services: Assistance in defining onboarding processes

Customer Onboarding and Registration Services: Web, Inside Sales (CPQ), Embark (Special cases)

  • Emark is an internal web-based provisioning utility for creating and updating subscriptions to Commerce Cloud integrated products.
  • CCBS Customizable Web Registration
  • Configure Price Quote (CPQ) application is part of PB’s shipping system pipeline.  Application users are broadly classified as Field Sales, Inside Sales , Web Sales, Dealers, Partners, Approvers and System Administrators. To integrate with CPQ, contact Paul Aronson:  (773) 998-9218

Marketing Cloud Integration: Ensure your trials and leads have a home for follow-up

Subscription Management

Product Definition: structure your product subscriptions and plans for Trials and Paid accounts

Billing Services: Enable pricing and billing for subscription based applications

Payment Services: Enable the ability for user to pay for subscriptions and usage.  The component displays a user’s current payment information and allows them to update it.  Currently supports adding a new credit card and switching between RA accounts.  In the future, it will allow users to create a Purchase Power account.

B. Integration

CCBS provides APIs across a wide variety of back office systems. These areas include

  • User  and Subscription management
  • Customer and Contact information
  • Payment operations
  • Email services
  • and more..

The current Swagger pages are available at API Doc Site


Ensure app security and access to other PB Apps via SSO.

The Okta SSO app onboarding/integration provides authentication services for external-facing applications that are accessed by external users (customers) and PB employees.


Course grained permitted access to an App


Send specialized emails to users. Templatized Examples: Welcome, Account Claiming

Swagger documentation: contraceptionist


Secure, SSO enabled login with branded UI


Ensure your App receives notifications of Provisioning Engine events such as create/change subscription and/or status changes.


Provide access to key user attributes and information for App integration

C. Post-Integration

This section requires Products Manager Focus. Engineers should be aware.

Manage accounts state, payment methods, subscription renewals


Access critical data regarding the App from standard CC Dashboards


Ensure Technical Support can assist users with problems / inquires


Connect to User Profile Management common component


Cloud Enablement

Tools to code, monitor, manage APIs and support infrastructure services.

API Management
API Documentation Standards

API documentation for developers written by developers.

Refer to guidelines


Note: Please reach out to the contact, below, for credentials and ignore the Free Trial button on the landing page.  We are currently working on a self-service option.  Stay tuned for the next version.

Note: Please reach out to the contact, below, for credentials.


Note: Please reach out to the contact, below, for credentials.

Dev Tools

Our SDLC Solutions wiki provides information on software development life cycle tools provided to developers and supported by our SDLC Solutions team.


Nexus Lifecycle  provides license and security information for open source software (OSS ) components, and a complete inventory of all components in your application.  Using the latest industry knowledge, know your license obligations and assure components and their dependencies are robust and free of known security vulnerabilities. Nexus Lifecycle flags potential issues for you.  Leverage pre-configured policies that meet Pitney Bowes’ Legal, Compliance and Security standards.

Precise open source intelligence for your entire DevOps pipeline.


Easily check status of Innovation development tools on the SDLC Solutions status page:

For additional news and information see the (727) 512-9276 wiki space on Confluence.


DevOps Center of Excellence

The DevOps COE wiki has with information on DevOps, ChatOps, Metrics and more…


with plugin for Jenkins and Phaser integration


Disruptor – a project that creates the required infrastructure in AWS
A combination of Ansible playbooks, AWS CloudFormation templates, Python source codes & shell scripts.
Creates VPC, network objects (NAT, Internet gateway, security groups, public and private subnets, …), ECS clusters, ACM, access and authentication objects (IAM groups & roles, …), storage, etc.

Phaser – a project that deploys the application\service to a specific environment in AWS.
A combination of Ansible playbooks, AWS CloudFormation templates, Python source codes & shell scripts.
Configures AWS services such as Beanstalk, EC2 instances, ECS Service & Task definitions, Lambda, RDS, DynamoDB, Cloud Watch, Auto Scaling Groups, Elastic Load Balancers, Launch Configurations, Route 53 Recordsets, and it deploys the application.

Infrastructure Services- AWS

The AWS COE wiki provides self-help information on our PB AWS services and enterprise support, as well as best practices and the latest news about our PB AWS accounts.

Requesting an AWS account is easy and fast

Contact the AWS team for technical support


The MCOE is part of the Center for Service Delivery Excellence (CSDE).  You can learn about monitoring practices on the Monitoring Center of Excellence wiki.  You can also open a request ticket from the landing page. (When opening a request ticket, make sure you are logged into JIRA.)


Get setup on PagerDuty.

Get setup on the Commerce Cloud Status Page.

Commerce Cloud Status Page (for our internal audience):


The Product Security team is an advisory team for Innovation. We help teams understand their responsibilities as it relates to security and help guide them as needed to improve their security posture.  You can find ‘How to’ information and best practices on the Product Security wiki.


Pitney Bowes’ Security Policy, Mobile Application Approval and mobile application security best practices and important links to the OWASP Mobile Security Testing Guide.

Make a request with AWS for Penetration Testing