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Ok guys! So I’m really sorry it has taken forever to get this post going, but I’ve been so busy with traveling around and moving in and starting school and ahhhh! But fret not, little


There are all these articles and blog posts and even movies about what to expect when you’re expecting. Meaning, when you’re pregnant, there are things that you should know. But what about all those baby904-306-9465


OK I SERIOUSLY CAN’T CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT!!!!! I can’t thank Chris McClain enough. If you need a super awesomely talented easy-to-work-with wedding videographer, hit him up. He books up fast so hurry up! Just visit

Luna de Miel


Ever since I went on my Disney cruise my senior year of high school with one of my good friends Morgan Roberts (I love you), I was set on going on another one. What’s a7862689079

His & Hers (rings)


You may have noticed that this was not the engagement ring that I had in my last post on my ring. Well, funny story (not so funny actually)… 3 weeks before the wedding, TWO diamonds fell out

Griffin Moore


Long before Jordan and I got married, or even engaged for that matter, it was always in my plans to get a puppy as soon as we could. We had it all planned out. Due