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Welcome to Dr. Bob and Susan Goldstein's
Healing Center for Animals

Dr. Bob Goldstein, a veterinarian with over thirty-five years of clinical experience in Holistic and Integrative Veterinary Medicine and Susan Goldstein, a specialist in alternative therapies, emotional healing and nutrition for animals, founded Healing Center For Animals in 1995.

We are dedicated to your animal’s body, mind and spirit. Our focus is upon perpetuating wellness through the integration of science, nutrition, emotional support and your personal involvement.

We Support Healing

"At The Healing Center for Animals we share your health goals for your animal of increasing longevity, while providing the highest quality of life possible."

~Dr. Bob and Susan Goldstein

We Help Maintain Wellness

An important realization is that your animal is a unique individual who is experiencing either wellness or disease. The Healing Center for Animals, through a team effort, approaches your animal at his or her level of well-being. We offer a customized nutritional health plan that is condition specific with natural products.

We do not physically see your animal.
Services are provided by phone, fax, and email.


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