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The only software for your solar project

that covers all its stages:
lead generation, proposal and design

One stop shop project development software
for residential and commercial
PV and Thermal Systems

Lead generation

Build your own lead generation forms and widgets to attract new customers

Proposal tool

Generate accurate proposals that effortlessly fit your customers’ needs

Design tool

Create full-scale accurate design to provide efficient projects for customers

Lead generation

  • Build a lead-capturing website and/or widget

  • Construct banners to connect customers with you

  • Gather and analyze statistics

PVStream lead generation tool set allows you to build and customize web-sites, web forms and banners that generate new leads by capturing initial customer's information and interest.


Proposal tool

  • Easily capture customers’ initial data

  • Create preliminary design

  • Generate project that fits exactly to the customer's needs (financial goals, system size, system performance)

  • Analyze customer's energy consumption

  • Calculate financial savings

  • Generate detailed solar energy project proposal

Precise modeling and  calculations allow you to optimize solar energy system design and present all calculations in one report.


Design tool

  • Perform mechanical, electrical and hydraulic design

  • Perform wind-load, shading, and roof-load analysis

  • Optimize design and generate complete set of project documentation

An easy-to-use design software with functionally close to traditional engineering tools allows you to build and analyze your solar project and produce all the documentation required for installation team.


PVStream is developed specifically for companies involved in PV project development process

All in One

PVStream provides software tools for each stage of Solar Energy Project development: Proposal, design and monitoring. Eliminating the need for integration and switching between applications.


PVStream is fully web-based solution, all information is accessible from any device with Internet connection. All work happens in a web-browser.


Precise modeling and calculations even at proposal stages. Complex shading, energy simulation and wind-load algorithms for each stage of the project development.

Cloud tech

PVStream is hosted in a cloud, there is no need to install additional software. All services are available on subscription basis. Each client can configure PVStream for their own business.

What customers are saying about PVStream

Using PVStream has greatly improved our productivity and overall speed of project development. We use the application at the pre-qualification stage  to explore the possibilities available for potential client, and at the sales stage when we are designing preliminary system and demonstrate the advantages of solar power to the potential client.

Andrew Petrovsky

Consumer Service

We use PVStream to model the solar system and educate our clients about the potentials PV Systems have in terms of energy production and financial savings. Using PVStream has increased our conversion rate considerably.

Patrick Dew

Sales Department

PVStream at public events

Solar Power International

September 13-17, 2017
Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV

We've introduced our platform to the market for the first time, received tons of valuable feedback that will help in the development of the platform, expanded our knowledge of the industry, and met with potential partners and clients.

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