5/30 - 6/19
1 SYNCO = 0.0067 USD
  • MIN / MAX = 1 ETH / 10 ETH
6/30 - 7/20
1 SYNCO = 0.01 USD
  • MIN / MAX = 1 ETH / 10 ETH
7/30 - 8/19
1 SYNCO = 0.0125 USD
  • MIN / MAX = 1 ETH / 1,000 ETH


26,953,982 USD (89.85%)
29,073,601 USD (96.91%)
30,000,000 USD (100.00%)





  • Token Name


  • Token Type


  • Token Price

    1 SYNCO = 0.0125 USD

  • Soft Cap / Hard Cap

    15M USD / 30M USD

  • Minimum Transaction Amount

    1 ETH

  • Maximum Transaction Amount

    1,000 ETH

  • 1st PRE-SALE
    • Schedule

      5/30 12:00 ~ 6/19 12:00(UTC+9)

    • Token Price

      1 SYNCO = 0.0067 USD

  • 2nd PRE-SALE
    • Schedule

      6/30 12:00 ~ 7/20 12:00(UTC+9)

    • Token Price

      1 SYNCO = 0.01 USD

  • ICO
    • Schedule

      7/30 12:00 ~ 8/19 12:00(UTC+9)

    • Token Price

      1 SYNCO = 0.0125 USD






SyncoChain ecosystem delivers a set of broad and varied benefits, ranging from collective participation in ICOs, interaction on a reward-based community platform, and real-time payments.

SyncoDAXSyncoEarnSyncoPaySyncoMediaSyncoAcademySyncoRampSyncoEventsSyncoHoodSyncoSpaceSynco iTradeSyncoLaunchSyncoInsureSyncoPoolSyncoNet






  • 2017
    ICO Crowd Asia Launched
    Token Economy Symposiums Launched
    Blockchain Academy Launched
    Strategic Partnership with FuzeX
    ICO Crowd Japan Launched
  • Q1 2018
    Successful Private Sale Completed
  • Q2 2018
    ICO Crowd Vietnam Launched
    1st Pre-Sale Begins
    2nd Pre-Sale Begins
  • Q3 2018
    Public ICO Begins
  • Q4 2018
    Launch of SyncoPay Card
    Partnerships with other Exchanges


  • Q1 2018
    SyncoDAX Development Commences
  • Q2 2018
    SyncoLaunch (first release)
  • Q3 2018
    SyncoDAX (first release)
    SyncoHood (first release)
    SyncoiTrade (first release)
  • Q4 2018
    System Integration with FuzeX
  • 2019
    SyncoNet (beta release)


Tayler Lee



Tayler Lee is the CEO and co-founder of Synco, and also serves as the CEO of ICO Crowd Asia and Blockchain News. He is credited with introducing the first ICO-specialized magazine in Asia and growing ICO Crowd Asia into a flagship blockchain publication covering a readership base across Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. Tayler has also built Blockchain News into a comprehensive online source of blockchain-related information, providing both text and video news service targeting a global audience. Prior to founding Synco Tayler was the founder and CEO of PT Jawon Abadi, a coal mining and trading company with operations based in Indonesia. He has run the company for 7 years, growing the business into a $100 million enterprise. Tayler has also served as a director at Woolim Holdings, where he was in charge of the company’s business development and investments.

Leona Son


Leona is the COO and co-founder of Synco. She oversees all operational demands arising from Synco’s multiple business lines and leads Synco’s marketing and fundraising campaigns for its investments. Prior to joining Synco Leona has led a successful career as an entrepreneur in the educations industry for 10 years. Her latest company provided instructor training, certification, and class provisions for more than 20 middle and high schools across Korea, delivering 150+ classes per year in extra-curricular education for the schools. Since co-founding Synco Leona has maintained her passion in education. She has led the establishment of Blockchain Academy, Synco’s second business line after ICO Crowd Asia, and has recruited best-selling author and cryptocurrency influencer Bin Hyun Woo as the academy’s director. Blockchain Academy has since grown into a core part of Synco, providing structured curriculums spanning basic blockchain courses to advanced smart contract developers’ courses to its students. More than 400 students have completed the academy’s courses to date. In addition to her role at Synco, Leona serves as an advisor to a number of ICO projects that Synco has engaged in its operations. She currently advises Bidooh, OSA Decentralized, and FuzeX, where Leona provides tokenomics advice and educational design support for the project’s hard wallet FuzeW. Leona holds a degree in education from Ewha Women’s University.

Youngjin Lee



Youngjin has played an integral role in Synco since its establishment in July 2017. His main role at Synco is ICO research, which he reinforces by personally travelling around the world to meet with local start-ups and by attending major blockchain conferences. Another area of Youngjin’s focus is his search for potential partnerships and other ICO projects to collaborate with, for the goal of enabling a global expansion of Synco’s network. Youngjin possesses in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology and ICO processes and continues to study and research thematic topics to develop Synco’s investment edge. Youngjin is experienced in managing relationships and coordinating key stakeholders to ensure expectations are met. He has leadership and coaching experience for teams composed of people with varying skills and backgrounds. He has managed large-scale and high-value projects. Youngjin Lee is multilingual in English, Chinese, and Korean. He has good sets of negotiating and communication skills.

Siman Kim


Siman is the CFO of SYNCO. Prior to joining SYNCO Siman has led a successful career at Citibank for 30 years, spending 15 years as a general manager for Citibank’s various branches. In addition to his experience in Citi’s commercial bank business, Siman has held leadership roles in the bank’s private wealth management, SME consulting and advisory, and FX fund management businesses. Siman has also served as an auditor for Dream Foundation, a non-profit organization for social welfare. Siman holds a master’s degree from Yonsei University.

Hyeonsik Bhin


Hyeonsik has over 20 years of experience in IT fields including virtual machine, data analytics, security, software framework for robotics and android system, and front and back-end system. With his background in Computer Science at Postech University, he worked at foreign companies including Harman, Motorola, and MyriadGroup. He also co-founded one of successful SK Telecom's internal ventures.

Kyung Jun Min

Project Manager


Kyung Jun Min has worked as a business development lead at Synco, sourcing early-stage ICO investment opportunities and developing the firm’s partnerships. Prior to joining Synco Kyung Jun has served as a naval officer, a management consultant, and as an equity derivatives trader. His past affiliations include Incept Financial, Citigroup Global Markets, L.E.K. Consulting, and Mirae Asset Global Investments. Kyung Jun holds a bachelor’s degree with high distinction from University of California Berkeley and an MBA from INSEAD.

RaeHak Lee



He is a crypto research analyst at Strategy & Research team. His main job is to find a good ICO project. He has a wealth of corporate analytics experience and investment experience in the financial industry. He has worked as a research analyst for five years at the Korea Institute of Investment Education and served as the investment content leader in Dunamu operating the world's largest cryptocurreny exchange, Upbit. He acted as a fund manager at Dunamu Asset Management. He is also an author of bestseller in economic and financial field.

Albert Kim



Albert Kim is Blockchain News Korea's lead English media personality and has interviewed many leading figures on and off-camera in the cryptocurrency space including Charles Hoskinson (Co-founder of Ethereum/Cardano), Patrick Byrne (Founder of, Xinshu Dong (CEO of Zilliqa) and Zhuling Chen (Co-founder of Aelf) among others. He also examines and assesses cryptocurrency market trends to help identify new potential investment opportunities. He worked in HRD and recruiting for several years managing onboarding and training employees.

Munair Simpson

Overseas Marketing Specialist

Munair Simpson is a cryptocurrency market research and business strategy specialist. He has extensive experience working with cryptocurrency funds based in the United States, South Korean retail investors, and cryptocurrency-based fundraising projects. Munair is also an aspiring writer, yogi, and Capoeira wellness practitioner. Munair graduated from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania with an MBA in Marketing.

Byungki Jin

Blockchain Architect

Byungki has specialized in UI and UX research for nine years. At Human Interface Systems Lab. of Seoul National University, he completed a doctoral program and was involved with UI and UX evaluation research, and usability evaluation and improvement projects in fields including electronic products, automobiles, and apartments. As a blockchain architect, he contributed to designing UI and UX-based services and writing whitepaper at AiCrypto. He is well versed in evaluating and improving UI and UX based on statistical analysis and general ergonomic principles.

Shanthakumar V

Full Stack Blockchain Developer

Shanthakumar is a Senior Software Architect with a myriad of experiences in developing mobile and web applications. He has been a Technical Lead helping startups in areas such as software development, consulting, and architecting solutions for decentralized applications.

Junghoon Son

Blockchain Developer

Junghoon has spent four years developing Java Virtual Machines (JVM) at TmaxSoft. His skill set will be valuable in developing a virtual machine which will serve as a platform for decentralized blockchain applications as akin to EVM for Ethereum.

Seongjae Hwang

Blockchain Developer

Seongjae started his career as a finance application developer and worked on credit card development platform. Since 2017 he became interested in blockchain technology and has taken part of a blockchain-based ledger project for Social Solidarity Bank.

Byung-Rae Lee


Byung-Rae earned his Ph.D. in Information Security from Korea University, and has been in charge of global standardization for security technology development and security for 14 years at Samsung Electronics. He filed and registered about one hundred patents in South Korea and abroad, and was listed on Marquis Who's Who in 2010. Recently, he led security technology development and cyber security business at LG CNS. Byung-Rae is now CISO at Synco to make its platform more secure.

Seong Hee Bae

Security Professional


For the past five years, Seong Hee worked as an information security consultant for clients including Bithumb, Daegu City Hall, Critical Information Infrastructure Protection, KSNET, KERIS, and YBM Sisa. She holds several information security certifications, including CISSP, CISA, ISMS Certificate Examiner, ISO 27001 LA, CPPG, PIA, and Engineering Information Processing.

Sanghyun Kang

Project Manager

For more than 15 years, Sanghyun has built a solid career in project management, UI/UX consulting, and Web planning for clients including Samsung Securities, Kiwoom Securities, IBK, and Korea Investment & Securities. He possesses a varied skill set in project management and is currently responsible for the general management of Syncochain project.

Raymond Kim

Service Developer

Raymond has built optimal execution algorithms and order execution systems for Hangaram Investment, one of the largest investment companies in Korea. He has also co-founded an algorithm-based news startup where he developed algorithms for analyzing unstructured data in novel ways.

Paul Vincent Contreras

Service Developer

(860) 900-7360

Vincent has over three years of experience in the Philippine and Korean IT industries. His specialty lies in system analysis, software development, and project management. He was previously in charge of the blockchain-based international remittance system at Bluepan (now BluepanNet), the world’s largest international remittance company by remittance volume. He received his M.S. in Computer Science at Sogang University, where he conducted his research on autonomous drone flights. He is passionate about fintech and blockchain technology.

Jihyun Kim

UX Design Lead

(803) 861-9332

Jihyun has more than 10 years of experience in developing UX designs for various financial services and solutions for clients including IBK, Samsung Card, JL Media Group, and KAIT. She has also built and operated services with a total user base of 20,000 members.

Gil Su Kim

QA Tester

Gil Su is in charge of enhancing Synco's services with user experience in mind. For two years, he has manually tested Google Search in a rigorous manner while stationed at Google. As a UX/SEO/digital marketing consultant, he has also served global clients including Samsung Electronics, and Hyundai Motor Company in improving their digital offerings for global users. Gil Su strives to keep up to date with the latest user trends in order to provide each user with a meaningful and tailored service.

Sera Jung

Marketing Manager

She worked on media channel for radio prodution and prepared advertisement proposals and analyzed advertisement efficiency. Recently worked for an investment company and carried out the entire administration.

Paul Lee

Academy Vice Director


He is the deputy director of the 'blockchain academy', a blockchain human resource development organization. And he organized 'Crypto Research Seoul', a block-chain research institute. He organized a 'block-chain society meetup' for the fastest sharing of block-chain technology. He is active in the 'block-chain business research society'


Ismail Malik

CEO of BlockchainLab


Listed in top 100 high-profile representatives of the crypto community, Ismail Malik, Founder and CEO of BlockchainLab as well as Editor In Chief of ICO CROWD and Co-Founder of CoinViral and CoinDesk. At present, the expert is mainly focused on strategic management of projects related to e-money, cryptocurrencies, and mobile services. Also a PR expert, he has experience in developing and convening large-scale media campaigns involving all media sources.

Daniel Steeves

Consultant and entrepreneur

A Canadian-born, German-based consultant and entrepreneur, Daniel Steeves applies his more than thirty five years of international cross-sector experience to deliver to clear targets: enable, strengthen and scale his fintech, blockchain and emerging technology clients by ensuring the alignment and viability of their propositions, their products and their positioning with their business models, targets, token/coin models, whitepapers and ICOs, from the points of view and value perceptions of their supply and value chains: their consumers, partners and investors.

Daniel Nikolovski

Managing Partner at Alpina Capital AG


Daniel Nikolovski, MAS is a Managing Partner at Alpina Capital AG, where he is overseeing investment products within a full range of asset classes, from single stocks, to private equity and blockchain assets. Prior founding Alpina Capital, Daniel spent over 17 years on the investment side, where he worked for Bank Julius Baer in the Investment Advisory and Equity Strategy units and was a member of the Global Investment Committee. Since 2001, he worked for 14 years at Falcon Private Bank, where he had the full responsibility in managing USD 1.2 billion in multi asset funds, with a proven track record. Daniel spent more than ten years in the Asset Management division of the bank in the equity and multi asset team. He holds a Master of Advanced Studies in Banking & Finance (CFA ©-track) from the FHNW in Zurich.

Samson Lee

Asia President, Next.TV Inc.

(512) 739-7004

Samson Lee, or SAM is the Founder & CEO of CoinStreet. Coinstreet Partners is the next generation “decentralized investment bank”, enabling the business eco-system in the new era of crypto-economy. Being a leading player in the Fintech and Blockchain areas, Coinstreet Partners currently operates in 6 business segments including Token Finance Consultancy, Crypto Asset & Wealth Management (including blocktrade), Crypto Exchange and Token Generation Platform, Investor Relations & Marketing, Media & Events and DTL Technology Solutions. Coinstreet Partners has advised and funded over 20 cryptocurrency / blockchain projects with total token sale of over USD 200 million. Sam is also the Founding Chairman of Belt & Road TechFin Association, Co-founder of the Blockchain Centre of Hong Kong, Co-Founder of Ethereum south China community; Chief Crypto-economic Consultant of Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange, and Chairman of STM Digital Group. Apart from being an experienced crypto-currency investor, Samson has over 20 years’ experience in TMET sector, with proven success in commercializing various digital services and e-business operations across in Asia, including the world’s first 4G premium VOD service in 2012 with China Mobile, launched Asia’s first VOD service with 4 major Hollywood Studio in 2006, commercialized Asia’s first O2O E-commerce service with Li & Fung Group in 2004, world’s first mobile e-wallet in 2003 with PCCW, world’s first verified-by-VISA SMS payment service with VISA and Bank of China in 2002, and world’s first charge-to-bill mobile payment service with Hutchison Telecom in 2000. Graduated from University of Toronto with Bachelor Degree of Commerce, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, with MBA and a Master of Science degrees.