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Going Nowhere
Nowhere Census

The Census of Nowhere

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Who are the people of Nowhere? Each year, we conduct a census to learn more about who we are. Learn more about the growth and evolution of our community of Nobodies.


Fill out the 2018 survey: /



Previous years

Radio Barrio 2018


Check out the recordings of Nowhere 2018 Radio Barrio on Soundcloud!


2018 Site Map

Map of Nowhere

The map of Nowhere 2018 is ready, check it out! :)

2018 Nowhere Site Map [PDF]

(386) 679-9725


The 2018 Survival Guide is here!

Surviving (and thriving) at Nowhere

(647) 664-3670
BIG, HUGE, AMAZING NEWS everyone! The 2018 Survival Guide is ready!

If you ignore everything we've said, stick your fingers in your ears and only read one thing - make it this.

The Survival Guide is a lifesaver, quite literally. It is packed with the most up-to-date, totally essential information for all Nowhere participants. Read it!

Some great things you can do with the Survival Guide include: reading it, re-reading it, sending it to your mates who are coming to Nowhere, reading it again, asking if your friends have read it yet, and loads more!

Top tip! Take take a copy with you - not only is it great reading for the journey, but it's where you'll find the directions to get to Nowhere!

Lovely arts by 2676473142, feel free to see some more on /
Apply for an Art Grant

We love art!NW 2015 art piece

Thinking of bringing an art project to Nowhere? We're offering grants up to €3000 in 2018, and everyone's welcome to apply, from seasoned artists to complete novices. 

Applications will close on May 15th. Apply as soon as possible to increase your chances of being fully funded.

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