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Does it really make sense to pay more for a brand drug when there is an alternative in a form of generic? This question is important for lots of people since huge amount of pharmaceuticals at every Canadian pharmacy online can put customers in a real funk. And this is a matter of concern for many men who would like to save on purchasing Viagra, but have some fears about generics effectiveness and safeness. So let’s find out what the difference between brand and generic Canadian Viagra is and what advantages each type of medications has.

Some pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer (which is a legendary manufacturer of Viagra and a developer of sildenafil citrate, its active substance) have their own laboratories for new drugs research and development. On average, such a development costs more than 600 million dollars while preclinical studies and clinical trials take 8-9 years. Thus to bring sildenafil to Canadian pharmacy its developer spent almost 1 billion dollars! With the aim to recompense expenses the company gets a patent for an original drug which entitles it with exclusive right to sell the medicine for a certain amount of time. The patent comprises drug original formula, methods of manufacture and international name and usually is issued for 15-17 years. Then pharmaceutical company firm conducts advertising campaign and gradually creates a new recognizable brand like Viagra in Canada.

But when the patent expires other manufacturers are entitled to produce similar drugs with the same active substance at their own facilities upon the condition that equivalence of these drugs to the original medicine will be confirmed properly. Confirmed analogues are called generics. Generic drugs get new names, they differ from the original in package, color and form, but have the same international non-proprietary name. In case of Viagra this name is Sildenafil Citrate.
Accordingly, buying Canadian sildenafil online you get a well-tried drug based on the same active substance as brand Viagra with proven equivalence.

Types of equivalence:

  • therapeutic – pharmacotherapy efficacy and safety of generic is similar to brand drug;
  • pharmaceutical – generic drug have to fully repeat pharmaceutical dosage form and composition of the original. Under special circumstances other inactive substances can be used in generics;
  • pharmacokinetic or bioequivalence – mechanisms of action have to be similar to brand drug.

So, generics are the same popular brand medicines because they contain the same ingredients and have equal effects. However, the cost of generic drugs can not be compared with the originals and when we speak about cheap Canadian Viagra we always mean generics. Why?

For generics manufactures there is no need to develop new formula of an active substance which is the main component of a drug. And they do not need to spend money and time for aggressive advertising campaigns as well as for creating effective marketing solutions since the drug was already launched on the market. The company spends funds only on production and equivalence tests so there are comparatively low expenses and therefore generics are cheaper. Buying Canadian Viagra online you get an additional chance for saving your money since you can receive ordered medicines directly from a manufacturer without addition to price.

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Many men over 45-50 years have the disadvantage that definitely do not like their wives. And this lack of easily could be eliminated, but only now nobody wants to go to a pharmacy even basic pills. Pride would not allow it. So sometimes comes to the people and leave this life, will never experience the joy of sex. But let’s not dramatize, because it is actually not so bad, because there are many drugs that can’t buy at the pharmacy, so you do not have to run at a time and wait until you can get your medicine. Everything is very simple, because the purchase drugs using the site will be easy and simple to not take pay big money for something that you just went to the pharmacy. Besides, there is always a guarantee of quality, so do not need to do anything to get more evidence of quality. Except that now we have to do just a little – to buy the medicine, it will be carefully read the instructions, but no more.

Thus, the main response of impotence – is quality drugs that help the body to regain its strength to be able to have sex as much as you want, and do not try to do it only when there is some progress in the direction of an erection. In general, medications for erectile dysfunction exist in large numbers, but so far we are only talking about the one that can really help to improve the situation and return to his normal ability of a man to have sex. So, especially drugs known for a long time, because the drug did not come up with a year ago, but much earlier. Therefore, you can trust the professionals that are involved in the production of the drug, for now, no need to look for more confirmation on various forums that the drug works, and works really well. Well, it was the medicine is now becoming more fashionable, because the high price of branded Viagra seriously hampered her become really normal and affordable product. Therefore, most of all, many people are looking for her appropriate replacement. And such a change in the form of sildenafil canada is.

This drug has a very low price, but the quality is much higher, which suggests that many people can afford it is a drug, which is great to cure impotence.

Simply put, these drugs are very good, not only because they are of high quality, but also the fact that they can buy almost everyone. And it is very convenient, because now you do not have to spend a lot of money to buy drugs for themselves. Therefore, sildenafil will be for you a wonderful drug, with which you can be very easy to get rid of impotence at least for a while. In any case, when you take this powder (and this is a powder, not a tablet), then we can’t even wait 30 minutes. Everything happens much faster than you think.

Cure for impotence can help you or drastically and quickly, or slowly, and for a long time, but because many people only choose the first option and they are right. Viagra will help you deal with your members very quickly.

viagra experience

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Canada. Lamp lit night street. Your local canadian pharmacy. You count banknotes with shaking hands and mumble to a young sales girl that you need a potency drug (for a friend of yours, naturally).

“Do you need Viagra, or what?”, – says the pharmacist loud enough to wake up half of the neighbourhood.

Or rather, in the crowded street, a dishevelled and panicking man comes rushing to you, thrusts something in your hand and in a dramatic whisper begs you to keep this no matter what. The next thing you know is that the person is killed with two abrupt shots. As he hits the ground, you find yourself holding a key to a vault, and thus you come into possession of… no, not a heap of money, but a certain amount of little blue pills. Your friend sniffs at it and cautiously takes a bite off a pill – “canadian Viagra”, concludes he, – “smuggled drugs!”

Or perhaps it was all a matter of routine. You visited an online drugstore, chose some canadian viagra online and paid for it in the most boring way possible. Generic drugs were made of saw dust, acorns, chalk and dried yellow frog leg. You got them delivered by a boring courier.

The way you got it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you got Viagra, original or generic, and you are going to use according to the instructions. So let’s slow down here for a while and actually read the instructions with care before taking the pill. It is a matter of habit with some of us to start reading the manual after something breaks down, but since it is your own body that is at stake, it’s best to be safe than sorry and read Viagra instruction before you take the pill for the first time.

It goes without saying that we do not encourage you to read the instruction word per word. To give you a feel for what official Viagra instruction looks like we’ll quote the following: “Sildenafil is a selective inhibitor of phosphodiesterase type 5”. You are not likely to read this passage if you are in your right mind, of course. So let’s just skip this and get to the information that really matters and deals with what happens to your body after you take the magical blue pill.

And here is what to expect. Viagra is a rather specific drug, it is not meant to be taken recreationally. And those who really need it tend to look at the side effects of the medicine through pink sunglasses. So Viagra manufacturers did not go out on a limb to minimize the side effects of the drug.

So here is the list of Viagra adverse effects to expect:

  • Unconditioned flushing, reddening of the face, hives, rashes, itching, dandruff, shedding hair and, of course, headaches;
  • Eye problems: reddening of the eyes, sometimes smarting eyes, and finally your pink shade glasses turn to blue – literally. You start seeing bluish halo to objects in your vision;
  • Drop in blood pressure in combination with nasal bleeding, palpitations and loss of consciousness;
  • Diarrhea must be the least romantic side effect of them all. A partner rushing off to the toilet right in the middle of the sexual act is destined to make an impression.

And to top the cake with a cherry – here are a few scary stories about Viagra.

Pathologists are curious people with a bright outlook to life. Viagra is one of the spheres of their interest. During one year there were registered ca 1,500 cases of graver Viagra side effects, 1/3 of which had lethal outcome. In more than 60% of cases death occurred within 5-6 hours after the intake; they had not been caused by overdose and were conditioned by heart and vascular problems (cardiac infarction and heart arrest) of the patients. Sounds scary? You bet you!

As a matter of fact, the major part of these tragedies happened with the patients from the risk group. This means that Viagra was not given to healthy sporty young men like you and I, but to gentlemen suffering from certain cardio-vascular problems alongside with their ED problems. As a result, it’s hard to tell what the cause of their death was: taking Viagra, strenuous physical activity or their childhood dream to die from orgasm.

It should be mentioned thought that Pfizer never once lost death case allegedly associated with Viagra intake, since there was no evidence of connection between sildenafil and patient’s death.

viagra and sport

Viagra and Sport In Canada

Quite recently the head of the tunicless (WADA) has confirmed officially that this organization has been studying the possibility of including Viagra in the «black» list of drugs that are prohibited in international competitions.

Viagra is well known all around the world as a drug for treating erectile dysfunction based on sildenafil citrate. This active substance is characterized by the ability to significantly strengthen blood flow to male sex organ, but also can intensify blood supply to other muscle tissue. Besides, WADA experts believe that also Viagra can substantially increase endurance in athletes, especially when a competition is held in areas with degraded environment, such as in large metropolises or in highlands where the air is thin. Due to these properties of Viagra athletes may undoubtedly benefit from using the famous blue pills rather as stimulator than as drug against impotence. Moreover today it is much easier to buy Viagra than some powerful steroids.

Turning back to the question about WADA attitude to Viagra, currently the Agency has been investing funds in researches studying Viagra potential to increase athletic capabilities at different altitudes. WADA specialists have announced that they expect the results of Viagra studies would be available this year. Meanwhile athletes who suffer from erectile dysfunction can take Viagra absolutely legitimately without fear that Viagra will be detected in their doping analysis. But they should keep in mind that the World Anti-doping Agency complements and updates the list of prohibited substances every half a year, and there is a chance that Viagra will enter this list in the near future.

(778) 727-6712, a well-known personality in the sports world largely thanks to being the founder and former CEO of BALCO, a company that was exposed in the development of new types of steroids and accused of supplying banned drugs to leading athletes, declares that all his athletes take Viagra (nowadays he advises the various anti-doping agencies and many famous athletes). According to him, Viagra is used more actively than creatine, a substance which is approved for use as stimulator of muscles growth.

It should be noted that today sildenafil citrate became more available in various countries including Canada and that almost everybody can purchase Viagra without prescription at many pharmacies around the world. In fact more and more people resort to using popular Internet pharmacies where they can purchase canadian viagra at awccanadianpharmacy at lower prices and also anonymously. The drug can be delivered almost in any part of the world with neither passport no prescription required.

And there is another delicate problem concerning the prospects of Viagra entering in the WADA “black list” of prohibited drugs. Methods used by WADA to determine the availability of banned substances in athletes’ blood are often rather experimental and disputable. From a legal point of view the results are not always correct. And then many athletes are forced to resort to drugs, including Viagra, because of the real problems with health. Therefore there should be clear understanding whether an athlete suffers from erectile dysfunction and takes Viagra as a medicine or the medicine is used as a dope.

But as for now the point is to prove officially that Viagra can truly influence sports achievements since several scientific studies have already showed the effectiveness of Viagra in improving athletes’ physical parameters at high altitudes but this doesn’t mean that the drug is able to help any athlete in any circumstances.


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For most men with impotence has been found, the most difficult – the first step on the way to treatment, because it starts with a recovery, which all have been waiting for. However, there were a lot of difficulties. Embarrassment, fear of doctors, and all of a sudden going to hurt. All of these children’s fears come to hinder doctor to begin treatment. But luckily these people, we can note a few different ways to treat impotence. Let’s start with the worst, that then was a little easier to take action of some drugs and exercise. Impotence – a condition in which the penis can not erect. In general, there are pluses, but that’s for a normal sexual life, he did not do. The reason for this is the problem with the(724) 472-9438. Or a lack of testosterone.

In either case, you can use very different treatment. If you have any problems with the gland in the pelvis, then the solution is to be very easy, if you did not hesitate to some awkward moments. For example, a prostate massage.

If you already know what it is, for others we will specify that it is anal, but because the vast majority of men believe that this decision is bad for self-esteem. Perhaps they are right, because not everyone agrees that a finger in his own ass will be very pleasant. But for most people this is the only method of treatment, as prostate inflammation brings a lot of inconvenience. Massage it is the tool which helps the most effective. As you can see, impotence due to prostate is treated only in this way because that medical treatment is not effective and not so fast. Imagine that poor circulation can not get the medicine wherever it needs to be, because the blood flow is very weak. Therefore, the treatment will be at least delayed, and at most will take several months up to a year. In this massage helps to cope with the problem of just 2-3 weeks.

But it is only in the most difficult case. If you have impotence manifest as a lack of testosterone, but it is very easy to fix pills and herbs, which has an incredible amount, so that the treatment of erectile dysfunction in this case it will be much easier. There are specific medicines and herbs, in other words, traditional therapies that help to recover quickly. Honey and nuts, garlic, onion, celery, fish and some other simple and accessible to everyone foods can easily save you from a disease that bother you and interfere with a normal life. Agree that when you can cure yourself only with simple and ordinary products, it is very convenient. After all, did not have to go to the doctors, so that prevents male ego, and uncomfortable treatment can also be avoided. Simply put, the treatment of impotence is reduced to three paths. Two of them, we call it, because the third method does not belong to any of the above. This is a surgical method which is the most extreme case, when the prostate is already in the advanced stage and it can not be cured by any other means.

This method – the last hope of all, but only worth it rather expensive. Therefore, the most important thing for a man is correct and healthy diet, sedentary life, which should be more than once a week, and the time. Then we can talk about that erection problems will be. In the meantime, instead of an active lifestyle is the work of the computer, and wholesome food replaces fast food and soda. All this with excessive consumption and lack of exercise can cause not only obesity, but also problems with potency. Not to have to look for methods of treating such diseases is much easier to just eat right not to have to then suffer prostate problems. Simply put, be a man all his life, to remain in their old age, there will be massage and energy cocktails or tablets, the reception of which is strictly by the hour.


Canadian pharmacy it is called this portal health, because in fact there will be found not only for many drugs, but also buy them at much lower prices than in other places. Secrets of the Canadian pharmacies are so many, but to reveal them to you simply because no one will be. But to talk about what a Canadian pharmacy and how it works, we can precisely, so without further ado let’s start our story about the amazing Canadian pharmacy. You should start with the basics: a variety of drugs. As you know, when you come to a small branch pharmacies, you can give a very unpleasant answer: no cure. Or can simply say that this kind of the goods they sell. Therefore it will be very inconvenient if you have to go to another pharmacy for medicine.

canadian pharmacy health 300x173 Canadian Pharmacy   Health Portal

Moreover, large sections are usually only in large cities, so there have to drive or to make an order and wait a long time when you bring the medicine. Canadian pharmacy is very different in this respect from many other pharmaceutical companies, because her work is not only inexpensive, but also very high quality, as well as diverse and accessible to everyone. Figure it can be very easy, because the use of drugs always helps. In this case, if you look at any place where you can find Canadian drugs, as you will realize that they are all together and at the same time the price is low. Dissemination of Canadian drugs can make life a lot easier any patient, no matter what he is ill. Even if he has a very serious illness, the cure it is not difficult if you use just such drugs. And as soon as it is worth noting a very important point: the drugs that are manufactured in Canada, can be called analogues or somehow else, but they do not copy other drugs, because they are completely unique and are great for the Canadian industry and a constant source of income.

Once inexpensive medicines are of high quality, why not use them to cure it? Many people think so, and therefore get good drugs, which in this case are almost half the price of the U.S.. It looks like this, of course, very suspicious, but in fact nothing wrong with that, as the use of drugs that were created in Canada, has no side effects. You can say even more: these drugs excellent help, so you can quickly recover and not suffer from low-quality fakes. The more expensive the drug, the more people tend to fake it. This means that American and Israeli counterfeit drugs more often, but the product is counterfeit Canadian industry is very difficult, because then you will have very much to save. So when buying medicines produced in Canada, you can always be sure that you buy the right product, not a dummy or fake. By the way, this is good and Canadian drugs.

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You will never be able to get the medicine or not that does not help you, because drugs are always of high quality. Health portal – is the true name of Canadian Pharmacy, because now, when it came to the broader market, where more people can afford those expensive medications that were previously impossible to get even a small amount. And all this in just a few years. However, the Canadian Pharmacists have extensive experience in the production of medicines, so you can be very simple and easy to understand what helps and what does not, if you hide the name. As the drugs you can always make yourself, so use these drugs and do not think of anything bad, because they will always help you. As you can see, a Canadian pharmacy has a lot of advantages and almost no disadvantages, that in our time is a rarity. But on the consumer side, it looks much more attractive than the more expensive pharmacy.


Generics drugs are medicines of proven bioequivalence and therapeutic interchangeability with the original vehicle of the same composition, which expired patent protection. For generics price is much lower than the original medicines, thus, from the original of generics do not differ on the safety and efficacy, and are manufactured in strict accordance with the quality standards and established procedures. Great medical and social importance is the use of generics, because the general public is available quality treatment.

For example, in the United States are now generics are more than 60% of all prescription drugs. In Western Europe, there are similar statistics: Switzerland, Austria, Germany, etc.

The widespread use of generics allows more cost effective to spend the national budget, which is allocated to health and, thus, create a financial reserve to pay for expensive medical services, procedures and products. In turn, the price competition created by the manufacturers of generic push innovative companies and manufacturers to create a fundamentally new, more modern and effective methods of treatment and medications.

The differences between the original and generic tools have always created confusion in the minds of consumers of drugs. Many believe that generics are worse than the original drugs. But it is not so. Generics have the same properties and characteristics of the safety, efficacy and quality as the original drugs. Generics manufacturer engaged in more than 50% of manufacturers of original medications. Most of all, they make copies of their own products, but does not sell them under the brand name, and under the international non-proprietary, which matches the name of the active chemical components that go into the preparation. Original products and generics differ only in appearance and price. Where to buy canadian viagra for sale?

Generics are much cheaper than the original means because their manufacturers do not make capital expenditures on research, development and promotion of new drugs. In addition, low prices promotes stiff competition from other manufacturers of generic drugs. High quality modern generics have the properties and characteristics of the safety, efficacy and quality as the original drugs. Generics manufacturer engaged in more than 50% of manufacturers of original medications. In order to get permission to manufacture generics in the vast country to country, and of the company to provide data on the bioequivalence of generic with respect to the original corporate counterpart. This means that generic drugs must be as effective and must contain the same ingredients as the original drug. Generic manufacturer to invest 5% to 15% of revenue in R & D activities in order to ensure the effectiveness of its product safety and quality. Since generic drugs are manufactured in strict compliance with the rules, they are just as effective and safe as the original medicines, but they have a low cost.

According to the composition of inactive ingredients generic may vary from the original products. This can affect the size, shape, color, and, at times, and the taste. However, this is only the outward differences, which do not affect the active ingredients, and, consequently, the degree and nature of the impact on the body.

Can the side effects differ from the original products and generics?

They can, but very rarely. Original products and generics can contain different inactive ingredients in its composition: color additives, flavorings and preservatives. When you intend to take a new drug, as well as when you go from one manufacturer of the drug to the same drug from another manufacturer, it is recommended to consult a doctor or to look through the instructions for use.

Sexual dysfunction


Many people think by reading our stuff that buying viagra in the Canadian pharmacy is very complicated, and often simply not feasible. However, we are going to dispel this myth, so you do not have to deal with the fact that it is possible to do and what not to do in this case. So, let’s get to the issue.

How to buy viagra in Canadian pharmacy?

This is not as difficult as it seems. It is more difficult to go to the next pharmacy and buy medicine there than go to a Canadian pharmacy. Others are afraid that there is too low prices. For example Viagra professional Canada

Nonsense, of course, for fear of low prices means the fear of a man who gives you something. Therefore, before you go to our pharmacy, you will have to decide on just what you need to buy medicine for (571) 762-0129. Many hesitate to it, when they go into a simple drugstore, but there is nothing to worry, because the use of the Internet will help you to get the medication without showing everyone his face. Imagine that you would go to the pharmacy, where for all would ask for such a remedy. Mixed reaction exactly you would expect with such a purchase, so it is very easy and simple it is to make a more pleasant surprise.

Canadian Pharmacy can help you buy drugs is very easy, and you do not even have to leave the house. After all, this has been distributing products not only in simple pharmacies, but also on the Internet, so it will be easy to visit the site pharmacy to buy drugs. Agree that it is very comfortable and has a lot of advantages, which necessarily have to use in order to get the maximum benefit. Let’s start with the fact that people can get it, when it will turn into the pharmacy.

For a start, a decent price that will please every person who decided to contact us. These prices are perfectly combined with middle and modest incomes, because they are usually less than half the price of medicines in other places. Agree that it is very convenient and profitable, besides get a great product can be not only easy, but also very fast, so it is very convenient to define for themselves the place where you will buy Viagra.

So how to buy viagra in the Canadian pharmacy you now know exactly. One need only go to their website and to order more from you, no one will require. Also, be sure it will be necessary to consider the whole range, because pharmacists Canada offers a lot of variety of drugs that may be useful to you. Therefore, continuing to study products that you can buy, be sure to look at what can be done with their purchase. Order can be registered and paid in different ways, but, of course, will need to decide the issue of confidential services. Here, everything is simple, because the medications that you will acquire in order to recover from sexual dysfunction, will be delivered so that no one knew what was inside, except for the recipient of the goods.

Buy Viagra is very simple and easy. If you believe that, then welcome to the Canadian pharmacy, where you will not only help you choose the right medicine, but also guarantee the high quality and low prices.

cheap canadian viagra

Canadian viagra – Cheap Fun

Now, in order to gain for themselves a drug that will help you again feel like a real man, it will be enough just to find the right place, where the drug is relatively inexpensive. The word “relatively” here can’t be used, because the price of drugs in the canada pharmacy, which will be discussed, it is very low.

Find two canadian drugs for the price of one very easily, because they are almost half the price compared to other places. In this necessarily have to say not only that you can save a lot of money, but also about what medications you’re buying, it will be enough just to use a few times to feel how they differ from simple preparations which are very often used in other places and pharmacies.

Therefore, when we are talking about cheap Canadian Viagra, it is no big deal – online pharmacy will help you acquire the Canadian Viagra at lower prices. All this is very convenient, because you spend a lot less time and money because the prices are much lower.

In general, this canadian drug is very easy to buy, because the price for it is now available to many more people than before. Of course, should take into consideration the fact that a lot of people who previously could not afford the medicine, can now afford it.

Remember how before this canadian pharmacy had to pay for something to buy yourself a medicine. The prices were very high, but the quality was also top notch. Now you can get the same high quality, but buy it for relatively little money. So, let’s now turn to the drug itself, which we have described. Canadian Viagra has a lot of advantages over the products that are produced in other countries. Of course, we must consider a distance from the majority of countries, including from Europe. But this does not affect the prices that are available in the pharmacy.

After all, if you live outside Canada and wish to purchase the medicine, you will have to pay only for shipping it to your country, but even in this case the price of the drug will not grow enough to cheaper you can buy at home. And so it is very easy to place an order, which will be your next step in your life. Without spending a lot of money, you can again feel as if you are 20 years old. And this effect is constant, because the medication does not cause any addiction. Therefore, you can take the tablets for as long as necessary, to be able to properly deal with her marital responsibilities. But know this, almost all, here you will just purchase the medicines you need, for less money.

So don’t think about what you might be thinking about the people who will bring you drugs, because delivery service always remains confidential.

Inexpensive and effective remedy that you can now buy for a little money, you can use almost constantly, because Canadian technology is not only available, but also very safe.

You can know canadian viagra prices here.

canadian pharmacy viagra

Types of Canadian Viagra

One of the most common ailments in men is a disorder of sexual function. In this disease, there are problems with sexual activities against the weak or no erection. The disaster eventually gets to the majority of the representatives of a strong half of humanity by denying them the opportunity to feel a complete man. Sexual dysfunction usually does not occur by itself. Typically, this is a consequence of some other disease. The reason could be diabetes or hypogonadism. Most often, the potency associated with mental disorders, specifically with medications that are taken during the depression, many of which are fraught with side effects.

In the middle Ages the disease troubled the minds of great scientists and canadian pharmacists, pushing them to try to find a cure of the disease. Erectile dysfunction has been vexing problem at all times; people often resort to folk remedies, which is not much help. In mid-1930 the first results have been achieved, and traditional medicine has faded into the background. By 1990, the year the doctors had moved to address this problem through the invention of a tool called Viagra. Since then, interest in the disease has grown, and today we already have a lot of effective drugs for the treatment of impotence.

Canadian Viagra (chemical name – sildenafil citrate) is a new, taken inside drug that normalizes sexual function in men. In contrast to other previously used methods that involve injections into the penis or other medical procedures, Viagra from Canada is a simple, easy-to-use preparation: You take one pill when the alleged sexual activity. The canadian drug Viagra is not an aphrodisiac, in response to sexual stimulation Viagra allow you to achieve a natural erection and maintain it at the desired level.

However, Viagra is the most popular and efficient means of all known. And you can buy Viagra in all canadian viagra pharmacies. The composition of the active substance is drugs sildenafil 25 to 100 mg per tablet. Sildenafil improves the blood vessels of the penis, which leads to the onset of erection, which makes it possible to spend the duration of sexual intercourse in full.

It is impossible to live like this any longer. Forget about sexual dysfunction and buy Viagra over the “canadian pharmacy viagra”.

But progress does not stand still, and there was Viagra from various manufacturers that offer a very varied selection. Entered the market and such kinds of Viagra as Viagra Soft, pleasing consumers even greater speed of action and ease of use. The tablet should be put under the tongue, thanks sublingual routes of administration, the drug can be combined with alcohol and fatty foods.  Viagra gel pleased buyers with pleasant fruity taste.

Before buying means it is better to consult a doctor. Need to take Viagra just before sexual intercourse and not more than once a day.

Before taking also need to find out whether you have a hypersensitivity to sildenafil, part of the drug. If any, that you canadian Viagra is contraindicated. Tell your doctor about other diseases that you are suffering, as well as about the drugs you are taking. Reacts with certain substances (nitroglycerin), Viagra can cause unwanted side effects. Carefully read the contra-indicated in the instructions before you begin treatment Viagra.

As for side effects from the drug, then they, like many others, are available. The most common reaction to the medication is headache. Also, there are digestive problems, nasal congestion, and dizziness. Usually, they are easily pronounced and rapidly. But in spite of this, if such reactions revealed themselves, advised to consult a doctor. Thing to remember is that canadian Viagra is not a stimulant.

In particular this medication: if you decide to start treatment Viagra, approach to this matter with the utmost seriousness and responsibility.