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Haiti medical mission shakes her worldview
New Tribes: 75 years of mission sacrifices

New Tribes: Missionary training for church planting
Iraqi Christian and mom escaped ISIS in Mosul
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Featured God Reports
Hospital worker leads 50 to Christ in two days; girl born with bent feet healed by Jesus
Christian Aid Mission

Vietnam -- Born with bent feet, at two-years-old, Mai could not even stand. Doctors in Ho Chi Minh City had been unable to help the baby. Despairing over her condition, the parents decided to receive prayer from a Christian pastor...
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Arrested for delivering Bibles, they said it was part of God's training

NORTH KOREA -- God led us to do much work in 2016. He allowed us to dig wells, we fed meals to 6000 North Korean children, made Kimchee, sent medicines and clothing. Most importantly, God led and protected us to deliver Bibles to North Korea.

Pastoral Training of Asia
House to house outreach bears fruit
desert rod

PHILIPPINES -- The students went house to house and shared the Gospel. 32 homes wanted to hear and out of them 27 people asked Jesus into their hearts! Of these, 11 homes requested to have Home Bible Studies! 8,000 Gospel tracts were distributed...

God bringing momentous growth to church in Iran
Elam Ministries

IRAN -- More than 200 Iranians and Afghans were baptized in mid-September in a jubilant service near Iran. People from eight different Persian-speaking churches gathered together to share the story of how Jesus transformed their lives...
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Operation Compassion
Responding to thousand-year flood in West Virginia
Operation Compassion

U.S. -- In response to the record-breaking flooding, we sent 15 tractor-trailer loads of relief supplies to 12 locations. We also delivered two tractor-trailer loads of flooring and tile to Rainelle Church of God, which was heavily damaged in the...
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JESUS Film Project
Jesus appears to refugees crossing stormy Aegean Sea, calms waters
JESUS Film Project

GREECE -- When the wind and the waves threatened to swamp a boat filled with refugees fleeing the Middle East, Jesus made a dramatic appearance to them and calmed the waters, saving their lives. A group of refugees fleeing the fighting in the...

Demon-possessed woman collapsed in church, found deliverance

NEPAL -- In an area still recovering from the 2015 earthquake, a team of Southern Baptists from Texas were visiting a small country church in response to their request for assistance. We witnessed a woman who appeared to be demon possessed...

God miraculously healed Ethiopian Christian, saved him from brother's plot
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ETHIOPIA -- “What happened to you?” Berki's mother asked. He’d found his way home after nearly dying in the wilderness.To her, he was still lost.“Berki, this breast nursed you when you were a child,” she said, clasping her left breast...

Blacksmith in India made iron crosses for Christians, discovered their meaning
Final Frontiers Foundation

INDIA -- He was the only blacksmith in his village, making plows & other farming instruments. He usually was paid with food & rarely received cash. One day something surprising happened. “Two people from the Baptist Church came to my village &...
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Gang banger sentenced to life in prison, found true life behind bars

“You better take a good look at those streets, boy,” the detective said, “’cause you’ll never see them again.” I was only 16 and unable to comprehend the concept of “never.” I did not understand what that meant. How could I never...
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Featured Testimony
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The faith of Jackie Robinson -- The biographical film “42” depicts Jackie Robinson’s courageous battle to break the color barrier in major league baseball. At the same time, the film provides a small glimpse of his religious faith, which afforded the strength he needed to overcome fierce opposition.

 “It took two Christians to pull this off,” says Chris Lamb, the author of “Blackout: The Untold Story of Jackie...

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