The solution to truly efficient wind power is on the horizon.

Welcome to a new age in renewable energy—a world where the output of wind power is dramatically increased, making it the first truly profitable wind energy source.

Introducing 3-Dimensional Wind Harvesting

G Sharp Labs is forging the future of electric power generation with a revolutionary wind harvesting technology... 3 Dimensional - Wind Power (3D-WP). This propriety technology reinvents the windmill and produces staggering energy outputs. A 3D-WP harvesting device rotates very slowly, is environment friendly and maintains a low vertical landscape profile.

Solving the Problems of Harvesting Wind Power

Comparing 3D-WP to present wind technologies, using the same footprint and under the same wind conditions, 3D-WP expects to produce 25 to 100 times more Watts per acre of land. This can be accomplished with only 20% of the weight of today's wind turbines.

3D-WP is the game changer renewable energy has been looking for!!!

A New Dimension in Wind Power Technology

Amplifying available wind force is critical to efficiently harvesting wind energy. 3D-WP technology reuses the same wind force from blade-to-blade across multiple blades, both horizontally and vertically, which gives the appearance of a 3-Dimensional cubical force.

Reusing the wind force amplifies the captured energy.

G Sharp Labs' patent pending 3D-WP technologies addresses the limitations of today's single large turbines with a unique design that spreads out the electrical power load to numerous smaller turbines.

3-Dimensional Wind Harvesting technology is
90 times more productive than present Wind Farms.

Reusing Wind Force
Horizontal Blade Support
Vertical Blade Stacking
80 ft diameter feasibility prototype (similar to FIG 17 with five blades and a 20 ft diameter power gear).

It takes 90 square miles of today’s Wind Turbines to equal the power harvested by only 1 square mile of 3D windmills (Patent Pending).

Why 3D Windmills outperform Wind Turbines

Reuse of Wind Forces

Amplifies power by reusing force across hundreds of blades

Blade Area (Length)

Blade length can be greater than 500 feet

Blade Area (Vertical)

Vertically stackable:
• 2X stack is twice the power
• 3X stack is three times the power

Installed Spacing

More windmills per 100 acres —
3D Windmills can be installed adjacent to each other
without wind recovery spacing

3D Windmill Features

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Turn very slowly (about 1 rpm); blade tip speed is only half the speed of the wind
  • Blades will not over-speed in high winds
  • No tall blades; operates on surface winds
  • No high-speed noise
  • Weighs only 10% of a Wind Turbine
  • Support multiple generators
  • Generators can be located near the ground for service clearance (e.g., with as little as 20 ft. clearance)
  • Kitted and can be shipped via standard truck freight
  • Easy to assemble and maintain; small crew and no large cranes needed

Even though 3D windmills may be classed as Vertical Windmills,
3D windmills should not be confused with the limitations of today’s Vertical Windmills.

A Revolutionary Opportunity

3D-WP technology expects to have a fundamental impact on a number of markets, including electrical power generation, production of hydrogen to replace fossil fuels and re-processing/cleaning oil well fracking water.

Individuals who share our view that a revolutionary wind power harvesting technology would have a dramatic positive effect on our planet, can learn more about making a contribution.

For companies and investors interesting in licensing this exciting technology, learn more about licensing opportunities.

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