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Courtruns is a professional legal support services company providing online legal support to Individual Lawyers, Corporate Law Firms, Government Institutions Statewide and Nationwide.

The company was first established in 1990 in Contra Costa County providing legal support services to local and national corporate law firms, then in 2004 transitioned into online legal support services to provide cost saving and time efficient service.

We developed this user friendly website for the convenience of our clients and for the benefit of the legal industry and for general public, the I.T infrastructure is set up to interact and interface strategically, economically by meeting unexpected deadlines on the finger tip by the click of the mouse.

Clients can submit orders by downloading order forms online via email along with their job assignments to us on our secured server, or via fax. Receive updated status reports via emails or through phone by our efficient dedicated staff, you can also check the stream flow of process 24/7.


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Courtruns is dedicated to 110% total customer satisfaction through honesty, integrity and quality with this commitment we ensure the highest quality of service standards by giving both our internal and external customers involvement of our well experienced staff and affiliates throughout the nation.

The services we provide collectively makes every effort to meet the goals on time on sensitive matters and also meet with the standards of a clean and simplified website which deliver deadlines more efficiently with no hidden or extra charges tagged to our valuable customers.

Courtruns earned this recognition by experience, efficiency and reputation, by pushing our own boundaries of endurance and by the trust and faith of our clients, we will continuously strive to improve our services.

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Address: 4101 Dublin Blvd., Ste.# F-423, Dublin, CA 94568

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