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From: $37.50 / week for 8 weeks
What is The Farm Box? Eight weeks of 6 or more varieties of fresh, local, and naturally grown fruits and vegetables that you will not find in your local store - delivered weekly from our farm (or one of our cooperative farmers you might find each Tuesday at the Baptist BHealthy Farmer's Market, for 4 full seasons per year. We deliver only at the peak of ripeness but on a set schedule - to a pickup location in Little Rock that you select, harvested at the peak of ripeness and flavor and not at the convenience or demands of a distributor that values shelf life and profits over flavor and good health... By committing to "The Farm Box" at the beginning of the season, you help us by allowing our farm to anticipate your needs better and plan ahead for the massive volume needed to provide a quality Farm Box for over 600 people, 6 varieties weekly. We have diversified and successively planted our crops so that total crop failure is not likely, but Mother Nature is very unforgiving some years and we want to stay around for many more years to serve you. Therefore, we have partnered with several key farms that also take part in the Baptist BHealthy Market - to provide a geographic solution to bad weather and crop failure. If we can't fill your share for any reason, we will make sure that one of our partner farms bridges the gap so that you are not left responsible for our loss. We see this as a long term relationship building opportunity between our family and yours, not just a one time thing. We want to provide you with a little piece of the country in "The Farm Box", and a whole lot of good eating - your box will be a guarantee not a gamble!
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