Make your mobile website load under a second. Guaranteed.
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Rank higher on Google, get increased conversions.

WebFast creates pixel perfect renditions of your website while making the pages load under a second. Based off Google AMP, our pages are AMP friendly and offer rich data snippets on every search result.

Light + Fast = Happy customers.

sub-second load times

Each page loads under a second on mobile, regardless of location

Rank 20% higher on Google results.

Starting July 2018, page speed plays critical role in ranking higher on Google. We make your website fast, Google makes it rank higher over your competitors.

30% increased conversions.

Your pages now get lightning bolt next to search result. This simple icon increases your mobile search traffic by 30%.

Rich Data Snippets

Reviews, ratings, product images - all embedded in search result, everything customer needs to click on your result and not even look at your competitors result.

Same look, any device.

From Desktop to Mobile, iOS to Android, Mobile to Tablet, iPhone to iPad, WebFast offers same experience across 120+ devices and screen sizes.
How WebFast works? How to solve top-5 mobile problems?
Case study: 30% revenue increase.

Rich Data Snippets

Display product reviews, ratings, images and more, all within Google search result. Your competitors might outspend you, but they cannot outsmart you.

How does WebFast work?

Artificial Intelligence to build pages.

WebFast uses Deep Learning to analyze your website and makes the pages feather light.

The brains.

Generate wireframe, run the system on classifier trained on 100 million+ pages, automagically build AMP compatible website.

Getting started with WebFast.

1. Send us your website

WebFast uses machine learning to build wireframe and an equivalent sub-second loading website.

2. Add a DNS entry

Add an A record to your nameservers for your domain,

3. Send us your website

WebFast uses machine learning to build wireframe and an equivalent sub-second loading website.

Our Partner

Shivaami Cloud Services under leadership of Punit Thakkar, is WebFast's exclusive partner for India operations.

About Us

Websites are inherently slow and companies lose 30% customers for every second it takes the page to load. Anurag's deep experience in web-technologies and work at Firefox, has played a pivotal role in building technology that makes websites load under a second, guaranteed!
Over 10+ years of experience, Anurag has deep experience in web-technologies and has held key-positions at CreditKarma (Senior Manager - Infrastructure), Pley (CTO) @ world's biggest toy rental company, and at Mozilla, makers of Firefox browser.
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