Williamson Car Title Loans - Title Loans in Tooele

If you make a good living in Tooele, it is smart to save a few dollars for those emergencies that crop up from time to time. You know, the kind of things that you are never prepared for like unexpected vet bills, car repairs or really high electric bills that catch you off guard. However, if you are working a low income job, which barely pays the bills, it can be really hard to set money aside for little emergencies. Yet, lots of folks make it through tough financial times with cash from Williamson Car Title Loans. These are usually short-term loans, which can have a big impact on your finances. For instance, if your hours suddenly get cut at work, you could get the cash you need from title loans Tooele to tide you over until you get more hours. You don’t necessarily have to borrow a great deal of money, just enough to get by. Folks like title loans because they can use their funds for any purpose. You can also qualify even if you have poor credit. It you own a vehicle and have the title, you could get cash in as little as a day.

Applying & Qualifying Is Easy & Fast

Loan Requirements

  • You must be at least 18 and provide your driver’s license or Utah state identification card to confirm your age.
  • Own a car or truck, which can be used as collateral for securing a loan.
  • Vehicles must be in working order.
  • You should have the copy of your car title, which lists you as the legal owner to enter into a loan. Car titles shouldn’t list any lien holders.

How to Apply

To apply using our online application, you will need the make, model, body style and the age of your car or truck with a mileage estimate. We also require your personal contact information such as your full name, home zip code and telephone number.

Qualifying for Title Loans

To qualify for title loans Tooele, you don’t have to be employed, but you do need some type of income to make your loan payments. These are just a few examples of how Williamson Car Title Loans qualifies applicants:

  • Seniors
  • We frequently approve retirees with part-time income, or we can use any type of retirement income like Social Security, pension income or disability benefits for qualifying.

  • Unemployment
  • Even if you are currently unemployed, there is a good chance; you could be approved for a loan. For instance, if you have already secured a new job and will be starting within a few weeks, we can use your new job for qualifying. We can also qualify applicants using their unemployment benefits as a source of income.

  • Self-employed/Commission Income
  • Even if you don’t have income from a traditional job, we can still approve loans for self-employed folks and those working on commission jobs with some proof of income.

  • Bad Credit
  • Williamson Car Title Loans does not turn down anyone for having bad credit. Our title loans Tooele are secured using the title to your auto, so credit is never even checked.

Important Information About Title Loans

Free Application & Loan Consultation

If you are undecided about whether you could benefit from title loans Tooele, you might as well apply and consult with a loan rep. There is no cost to you, and you might learn some helpful information about our loan process to make financial decisions.

Loan Amounts

Depending upon the age and overall condition of your auto, you could qualify for several hundred dollars or thousands. Besides taking the market value of your auto into consideration, we also look at your ability to repay the loan when deciding loan amounts.

Fast Loan Payouts

We go out of our way to make sure all borrowers receive their loan funds within a day of applying. Borrowers are free to use their loan payouts for any purpose.

Vehicle Inspections

Some title lenders require a quick vehicle inspection, but we don’t. We only need to confirm your vehicle is in working condition to approve title loans Tooele.

Instant Loan Estimates

Unlike other lending institutions, which keep you waiting, we provide all applicants with a loan estimate as soon as they apply.

How the Loan Process Works



You have several choices to apply for title loans Tooele. Most folks like to apply online using our convenient application. If you prefer a personal touch, you are welcome to visit any one of our loan stores in the Tooele area, or you can also speak with a representative over the phone.


Your Free Loan Consultation

Williamson Car Title Loans assigns an experienced loan representative to each new applicant. Loan reps explain our loan process in detail and complete qualifying over the phone. To make it easier for applicants, we also provide you with a personalized loan estimate, so you have time to consider the offer and make financial decisions. We will be discussing your income for qualifying and your ability to repay the loan. It is a smart idea to have the total cost of your monthly expenses on hand when choosing an affordable repayment plan.


Closing Your Loan

To confirm the loan terms you have discussed and the repayment plan you have selected, you will be asked to read and sign a contract. Our contracts adhere to state regulations for posting the terms of the loan. Contracts will include:

  • The cost of your interest and the interest rate.
  • The total cost of your loan.
  • Minimum payment amounts.
  • Your repayment schedule.
  • Applicable loan fees.

After signing the contract, each borrower turns over the paper copy of their car title to their lender and collects their loan funds. Car titles are returned to car owners as soon as the final payment is made on the loan.