What is Kasoko?

Kasoko is an integrated solution that helps you run your business smoothly on any device, anywhere. Kasoko is hosted in the cloud making sure your data is always accessible to you wherever you are and uses best in class industry standard security to protect your data. The Kasoko ecosystem of apps include an inventory management system, ecommerce solutions for businesses, social media integrations, blogging system, customer relationship management solution, school, hospital, cargo, transportation management systems and more. The main component of the Kasoko platform is the inventory management system whose features are detailed below:


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Getting started with Kasoko is easy. Once you sign up, our setup wizard will guide you through the process of setting up your business on Kasoko. If you need to learn more on how to use Kasoko, we have written a number of articles to guide you on anything you can do on Kasoko.

Custom Solutions

Don't see the right solution for your business? We are always adding more and more solutions in order to meet your business software needs. You can contact us so that we can discuss how best to serve you. Have any questions?