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Consumer Reports surveys central air conditioners

ABC Go Local piece on Consumer Reports' survey of more than 40,000 subscribers reveals some systems have been much better at keeping their cool than others.

Here's a link to the ABC GoLocal article


GreenTech Heating and Cooling are envronmentally sustainable HVAC contractors in Portland Oregon.

Greentech CCB 176370We maintain a fleet of four vehicles that run on Bio-Diesel. We promote through our hvac sales, today's highest efficiency options for heating and cooling homes. Through our plumbing sales we convert homeowners away from wasteful "tank" water heaters and into high efficiency "tankless" versions. Through our remodeling projects we help clients update their insulation, windows and siding, reducing wasted energy. Every client is given the option to choose new sustainable building materials in the construction of their project. We limit waste on our job site by recycling and salvaging all old and new building materials involved in the project. As Trade Ally of the Oregon Energy Trust we can help homeowners obtain rebates and tax credits their home improvement may qualify for.



Greentech installs the Nest Learning Thermostat in Portland

nest learning thermostat

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New Energy Saving System Daikin "Mini-Split" Ductless Heat Pumps

GreenTech performs a very high volume of expert Daikin Mini-Split Heat Pump installations in the Portland area

The Mini-Split heat pump offers more control over temperatures throughout the home. We consider the Daikin "Mini Split" heat pump unit to be the best on the market today, it's an excellent solution for homeowners who want to create separate zones for heating and cooling within the house.

The ductless model is not only the most efficient "Air to Air" heat pump available, but it's also the quietest.

The high energy savings Ductless units provide allow them to qualify for Federal and State Tax Credits, along with local rebates.

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As a trade ally contractor of Energy Trust of Oregon, we can help with incentives and Oregon Residential Energy Tax credits to improve the energy efficiency of your home.