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Solace: comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness.  

We had a great time putting this project together. We laughed, we cried and we gave solace to one another. Who doesn’t need comfort? If you don’t, now, you WILL. It’s part of life. Everyone will experience those times of distress or sadness when you need consolation on some level. 

Duane Nelson has done a great job of selecting songs that will accomplish just that. You can’t help but be moved when the music starts. How can you NOT feel better knowing that “Someone Is Praying For You? How could I NOT feel comforted by being reminded that “No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus?” Classic hymns like “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” and “Oh, How I Love Jesus” will bless you even in those times when you don’t feel the need for solace. 

The songs are satisfying, the sax is smooth, the sounds are soothing and the solace is serene. 

If things are going well for you, this project will remind why things are going so well! If you need comfort, this project will help you.  

Either way, grab your copy now!  

You will be glad you did. 

Terry Gunn

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At church on Sunday afternoon, one of our Spanish men testified that while you were playing the sax on Wednesday night, he felt like God healed his soul. This man is going through some really rough stuff ... your music helped him. Thanks for blessing our church!!

Perryton, Texas

When Duane Nelson brought his program to our church for a fifth Sunday service, we were amazed at the level of professional technology involved in his multi-media presentation. But the technology was only the means; the message was the heart of the program. Anointed. Powerful. Unforgettable.

Pastor Francis Westberg
United Pentecostal Church
Cushing, Oklahoma

The Paoli Pentecostal Church was blessed by Duane Nelson's first road show, "Trust God Again". His musical presentation with the video clips is very well done and affective with his message. Our people enjoyed it so much they wanted to know when he was coming back. We are excited and looking forward to him coming and presenting "Heaven's Jubilee". His presentation is a wonderful and creative way to get people to a service by calling it a musical presentation.

Pastor Terry Erwin
Paoli, Oklahoma