Fitness, health
and aesthetics:
getting in shape means
achieving all three.

Our program is rooted in science and 25+ years of results.

Why Choose Exude?

Have you been
working your
butt off but
seeing no results?

It’s not you who is failing, it’s your exercise program.


We’re not all the
same shape, so why
follow the same
exercise program?

An Exude program is tailored to your body type.


Overcome your genetic
make-up and lose inches
where you thought
you couldn’t.

Exude is the only patented fitness program based on body type.

Why Choose Exude?

You don’t have to like
an exercise, you just
have to like what it
does for you.

Follow your Exude prescription and you will see results.

Why Choose Exude?

You’ll be motivated
by results that you
can actually see.

Whatever your goals, they are within your reach.

Why Choose Exude?

Work with your body, not against it.

If you’ve been exercising and not reaching your fitness, health, and aesthetic goals, then you’re doing the wrong exercises. Exude works because every exercise prescription is tailored to your specific lifestyle and body type. You’ll lose inches off your problem areas and increase every aspect of your fitness while doing so. Our programs are not based on theories, they are rooted in science, medical research, and 25+ years of hands-on empirical evidence.

What Body Type Are You?

Everyone has a particular body type that fits into one of Exude’s four categories: Hourglass®, Spoon®, Ruler® or Cone®. We take the guesswork out of exercise by developing an effective program for your specific shape. With Exude, you’ll achieve your fitness goals and develop a better proportioned body. Learn more >


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A Prescription for Change

An Exude program is more than an exercise plan. It’s a precise prescription that considers four essential factors:  your body type, lifestyle, medical and orthopedic background, and your current level of fitness. Once you consider these four essential factors, you will not only achieve your goals, you’ll have the necessary tools to become and stay fit for life.

How Exude Works
The Caregiver Space

Exude founder Edward Jackowski, Ph.D is the fitness and lifestyle expert for The Caregiver Space, serving 65 million caregivers across the US.

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