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Being a Morning or Night Person May Affect Your Decision Making


We may like to think we can act ethically when the situation calls for it, but as it turns out, something as simple as the time of day may affect our ability to make ethical decisions. (915) 236-5520

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The Backstory of Nike's Famous Slogan

The Backstory of Nike's Famous Slogan

“Just Do It” is one of the most popular and recognizable slogans of the past 50 years. It’s incredibly simple and effective and is considered a major success in the world of creative advertising. Inspiration for such achievements can come from many places, as the story behind this one proves. read more

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Why Does Airline Food Taste Bad?


Whether you have tried food on a plane yourself or just heard stories, the truth is that food does taste bad, or at least worse, when you are 30,000 feet in the air. Well, turns out it is not the food itself that is to blame, but rather your surroundings. 941-216-4343

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Sunscreen and SPF Ratings


Warmer weather is on its way and people will soon be spending more time outdoors and at the beach. Many of us will be flocking to the stores for some sunscreen, too, but confronted with such a wide range of SPF ratings, how do you know you are buying the right one? 5796334612

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Why Handwriting is Still Relevant

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With the proliferation of technology in the 21st century, the idea of writing something down using a pen or pencil can feel as antiquated and old-fashioned as using a home phone. But recent research has shown that when it comes to taking notes, choosing a keyboard over a pen and paper may be doing more harm than good. 803-480-4470

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The Strange Solution for Leap Years


If you ask anyone what a leap year is, they'll likely say it's the extra day that February gets every 4 years. While that's mostly true, the longer answer is a bit more complicated. (914) 681-1919

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A Cluttered Environment May Affect Your Eating Habits

A Cluttered Environment May Affect Your Eating Habits

If you often find yourself in a stressful state of mind, the cleanliness of your home or work setting could have an affect on the way you eat. read more

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Searing Meat Doesn't Seal in the Juices


There are many myths and wives' tales in the world of cooking. One that's mentioned quite often is that searing meat seals in the juices. This certainly sounds reasonable, but when put to the test, a different story emerges. read more

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