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Observations led by astronomers at the University of Warwick have shown that the flash from one of the biggest and brightest bangs yet recorded by astronomers comes from a massive black hole.

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One of the greatest challenges of our age is living within the limits of the environment. Our researchers are committed to finding renewable energy sources and developing new techniques for energy efficiency.

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With a vast research expertise that spans areas such as metals and alloys, ceramics, polymers and composites, machining, joining and the use of sustainable materials, WMG has helped numerous companies to achieve a competitive edge.



Our global health strategy aims to carry out research into new solutions for healthcare problems including community sciences, such as mental health and child health, and clinical sciences such as reproduction, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and metabolism research.



This week the Knowledge Centre will feature videos, interviews and post-event analysis from the cult Cyberconference "Virtual Futures" that took place at Warwick University 18 - 19 June.

Giving to Warwick

In 2015 The University of Warwick will celebrate its 50th birthday and is seeking a total of £;50 million in donations to take on and resolve major challenges facing our world.
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