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What People Are Saying About Tell Me Who I Am

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    • Christel Wright 15.09.2017 20:30
      I'am so elated to find this website and very happy to know that THE MOST HIGH YAH is using his people to help each other. I don't feel like you are getting the publicity that you deserve but i will be the start.
    • Kelvin Johnson 06.10.2015 15:50
      Awsome show for the youth, teach them young that they are more then what the media portray us as you have my support. Peace
    • latoya 05.09.2015 13:35
      I'm so in love with this cartoon; and I'm an adult. I cant wait to buy the Dvd and watch it with my family!
    • Deleon EdwArds 11.03.2015 11:32
      After watching the DVD and viewing the contents of the activity book I am glad someone has taken the time to help educate our people.
    • premise 16.02.2015 16:00
      I wanted to know how many episodes is currently on one DVD?. Also is doctor drew the blood transfusion doctor on there?.I just found out about your cartoon, it's "preetty good."Email address loveaatyliah@gmail.com.

Tell Me Who I Am is Also a Game and Learning Tools Science Leaders



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Benjamin Banneker

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